Visto Multi-Platform Optimization Tool Unveiled to Simplify Cross-Platform Programmatic Ad Campaigns

Next Evolution of Enterprise Ad Hub from Visto Enables Real-Time Reallocation Across Multiple Platforms for Smarter, More Effective Media Buys

Advertising technology provider Visto™ has announced the launch of its Multi-Platform Optimization tool (MPO) for programmatic advertising campaigns. As part of the Visto Enterprise Ad Hub, MPO provides unified performance and pacing metrics, as well as easy reallocation and optimization of ad-spend across Search, Social, DSPs, SSPs, Publishers, and exchanges from a single screen.

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In 2018, most marketing leaders believe that brands, media companies, and agencies would immensely benefit from the transparency in managing execution partners, optimizing ad spend, measuring performance and leveraging analytics to drive efficiencies and improve ROI. 

Kerry Bianchi
Kerry Bianchi

At the time of this announcement, Kerry Bianchi, President and CEO of Visto, said, “At Visto, we fully understand the pain points experienced by digital advertisers as a result of the complex and often onerous programmatic ecosystem, so we’ve made creating better transparency and control our mission.”

“We see the launch of MPO within the Visto Ad Hub as a giant step toward this ultimate goal: providing agencies, marketers, media and data companies with easy to use tools that allow them to efficiently and effectively manage their advertising spend.”

Visto Multi-Platform Optimization Tool Saves Ad Dollars and Time

MPO continues to deliver on the promise of Visto’s Enterprise Advertising Hub, created to bring transparency, control and operational efficiency to the programmatic ecosystem. Through Visto’s time-saving workflow and unification of transparent data across multiple vendors, partners, and platforms in one place, advertisers save time and boost ROI.

Visto Enterprise Advertising Hub
Visto Enterprise Advertising Hub

Additionally, MPO enables media buyers to —

– Compare performance side by side across execution partners on one screen

– Review and analyze multiple real-time delivery metrics to identify optimization opportunities across platforms

– Reallocate distribution in a single step

– Identify any pacing or delivery discrepancies requiring adjusted bids

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The Multi-Platform Optimization (MPO) feature augments Visto’s Multi-Platform Allocation (MPA) tool, which automates previously unwieldy and manual ad trafficking processes while eliminating repetitive tasks associated with managing budget and performance across multiple partners. MPO builds on MPA’s benefits by adding the ability once a campaign is live to monitor and modify buys from a single screen based on real-time data on delivery, spend, ad units, KPIs, margins, discrepancies and more.

In the preliminary testing, MPO users were able to optimize a single line in a campaign across three execution platforms in 8 steps, reduced from 55 when using each native platform.

Currently, Visto’s advertising technology is dedicated to bringing transparency, interoperability, and accountability to digital advertising. The company’s Visto™ Enterprise Advertising Hub is a vendor-agnostic platform that unites the complete ad tech stack in a single user-friendly interface.

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