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Vbrick Announces Its Next-Generation Video AI Solution – Rev IQ Leverages AI to Unlock the Value Trapped in an Enterprise’s Video Library

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Vbrick, the leader in enterprise video platform solutions, announced the release of Rev IQ as part of the October release of the industry-leading Rev Enterprise Video Platform. Rev IQ is our new Video AI solution that unlocks the value trapped in a company’s video library. Rev IQ uses facial recognition and machine transcription to automatically enrich videos with information about who appears in a video and what is being said. This enables our large enterprise customers and their teams to tap into the value of their library of video assets.

Rev IQ is the only enterprise video platform that uses facial recognition to automatically tag speakers so you can find the videos they appear in and jump to the moment that they appear. The solution also transcribes videos with automatic speech recognition (ASR) in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese. Transcripts can then be used to power video closed captions and keyword searches across all video content. Rev IQ leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to enable users to discover the video content they need, resulting in improved user productivity, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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“Companies are rapidly increasing investments in video across all functions. These companies need the ability to maximize their investments in their video content and make it easier for employees to leverage that content. Rev IQ is the result of our strong partnership with our customers and we are excited to bring leading technology to solve this key challenge for them,” said Shelly Heiden, CEO, Vbrick Systems.

Companies are generating more video for communications, training and knowledge management than ever before in history. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these videos represent millions of pieces of information that are invaluable for employees to perform at their best. Unfortunately, that information often remains out of employees’ reach, as they would need to watch hundreds or thousands of videos to find the relevant information that they need.

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For example, internal communications professionals curate executive updates and want to ensure that employees can easily find the most relevant content for their organization. Similarly, training and knowledge management professionals want to make sure that users can find help on the topics most relevant to their jobs.

Rev IQ empowers users by surfacing relevant content that drives productivity. It saves countless hours of manual tagging by automating the enrichment of video assets with rich metadata. Lastly, Rev IQ provides a dynamic AI-driven video viewing experience called, “Pulse” which drives user engagement. As a result, the user experience is enhanced, knowledge sharing is improved and return on investment in video assets is amplified.

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