Five Steps to Make Video Production Easier!

The year 2018 has bought about a revolution in the video production process for marketers. It’s no secret really; video is here to stay and make its imprint in the world of business. From augmented reality to interactive video, the technology video landscape is getting bigger than ever! This development comes as a delightful opportunity to target qualified leads and convert more users into prospects with the help of video marketing.

According to HubSpot, 97% of marketers say videos have helped increase the user understanding of their services or products. Though video marketing is one of the latest additions to the marketing stack, an individual will be entitled to their own doubts. Is video marketing really going to be a hit in promoting your business? Would you have sufficient resources to plan-out a video marketing strategy for your team? Will video content within a marketing strategy be used to project a brand image?

Most marketers agree that relying on video has been an added support in elevating a company’s overall efforts and performance. 85% of people say they would like to see more of video content from brands in 2018.

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Now the biggest question is- how are we going to make videos to incorporate it into a brand’s marketing strategy? Let’s find out!


Most of us fear the idea of budgets when it comes to creating a strategy. Budgets, when calculated right, are often more advantageous than being seen as a roadblock. Calculating a budget -even if small- generally leads to more creativity, brainstorming and the will to turn an idea into reality despite the odds.

Identifying weaknesses right from the beginning is an excellent start to evaluating expenses, understanding the technicalities for equipment and categorizing tools for your video production process. A budget allows you to set a boundary which helps cover the purpose, your expectations and the desired outcome of an idea, therefore making the strategy accountable.

Be Original

While creating a strategy for video production, don’t stress while approaching the video-editing process. If the video doesn’t have the kind of sheen other online content does, take a step back and breathe! Consumers have been known to appreciate and acknowledge the existence of a living, breathing aura of a brand than succumbing to frivolous mediums associated with it. Consumers associate a brand’s image to its ethics and identity than a flawless play of overused images with no context. Remember to keep the edits minimalistic and raw so that consumers can connect to a brand. For example, if a brand is incorporating video content which speaks of its work environment; shoot the video footage by keeping its element of originality that includes people and light conversation. So a heavily edited video may look good but still not give you the desired results. Keep it simple folks!

Turn your phone into a video marketing machine!

Today phones are not restricted to being only calling devices. We all have watched those little screens get magnificently larger over time and becoming as focus-oriented as a DSLR or high-functioning camera. The latest iPhones are now known to record footage from 720p and all the way to 4K. That translates into iPhones being able to record content in a similar fashion to DSLRs. Now, if budgeting is one of your major constraints for video production- well, you get the idea! You have no reason to look any further than your not-so-regular iPhone, the video production device.

Setting up the room, keeping an eye out on camera-friendly backgrounds and customization of your iPhone settings is all you need to get going!

Churn content for various mediums

Media content today is streamed on a variety of devices and applications. Creating content which is reusable on various platforms or applications on social media is innovative and useful. Digging deep into your content and finding out ways of reusing material maximizes output and displays a diversified style.

Think about it! Focusing on one video spanning over 10 minutes can be gracefully edited to fit slots that are 2-3minutes long. This is both attention-grabbing and can be utilized for 2 or more social media channels.

Incorporating video content for Facebook, Instagram and your company profile are now simplified to fit budget constraints and bring in a unified strategy.

Simple tools for video production process

Video production can be really simple and effective, by leveraging the right tools to make your mark. Contrary to belief, you do not require a full crew and a production process spanning over two months! What you do need though is teaching yourself the basics of video production by logging onto online tutorials or utilizing tools that are guaranteed to simplify the process.

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Some of the few inexpensive yet highly functional tools to create a video that is smooth and impactful include;

Adobe Premiere Pro
This video processing tool from Adobe brings you the editing software which turns raw footage into fully processed videos. Adobe Premiere Pro can be utilized by beginners and professionals alike. Editing, refining, color retention and audio streaming can now easily be achieved with the help of this tool, thus combining results in a seamless workflow.

Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro is Apple’s video editing platform that works in a robust pattern for users. It includes a cutting 360-degree video editing and VR playback, advanced color grading, graphics and built-in controls for the acceleration of post-production.

Animoto is a simple video production tool which has features that can be created for all business, commercial and personal purposes. It has a wide range of themes that can be customized to suit requirements, thus being an interesting and coveted tool for video production.

Wave.Video For an online marketer, this video production tool can help a user create videos in a few short minutes with the added bonus of having access to 200 million stock video clips. Editing videos and previewing results are now made easier with Wave.Video.

Wirecast is a great tool which is synonymous for its abilities in the art of creating live videos. Live streaming with Wirecast includes sending these feeds directly to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook Live. It also includes effects which bring about transitions and animation to make the video production process a lot more engaging.

Videoshop is an instant-hit with video makers because of features which include the addition of subtitles, voiceovers, and slow-motion edits. If there is an absence of a marketing budget or a lack of video production knowledge, then Videoshop can get processing moving in a fast-pace.

For Editing during Video Production, some tools include:

Magisto is a tool which creates and edits, though its strong focus lies on editing majorly. Selecting the special parts of your film and seamlessly blending it to create a new piece of art with enhanced features such as music, themes and effects are what Magisto truly does best.

YouTube’s Video Editor YouTube’s Video Editor is an integrated flash-based work tool for video production. The basic techniques of video editing along refining your video with certain elements are all wrapped into the Video Editor. Though this tool brings in certain limitations – the overall effects can really be beneficial for editing and personalizing.


To create video content that resonates with your audience, it’s a good step incorporating content which is simple yet interesting. Actively engaging in the video marketing landscape to create something meaningful and share-worthy comes with a little effort. The above steps are dependable ideas for fulfilling basic requirements and understanding the art of productive video making.

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