AdPlayer.Pro Outstream Video Ads Solutions Provider Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

AdPlayer.Pro commemorates its fifth anniversary by sharing the key company’s highlights from 2016 to 2021.

AdPlayer.Pro, a global provider of outstream video advertising solutions, celebrates the 5th anniversary in 2021. According to the official announcement, the company is commemorating the anniversary by looking back at the achieved business growth benchmarks, bright highlights from the team’s work routine and the crucial lessons learned since 2016 – all in the special animated infographic, accompanied by the AdPlayer.Pro CEO’s commentary.

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As Anton Liaskovskyi, the AdPlayer.Pro’s CEO noted, the past five years have been a real adventure for the entire team. “Perhaps, five years is too little for some businesses, but our company’s journey until today has been so exceptional, it’s kind of a big deal to be able to celebrate yet another milestone achieved in our history.”

The published visual story is just the first one in the two-part series, celebrating the 5th anniversary of AdPlayer.Pro. The second one will be focusing on the global online video advertising industry’s evolution from 2016 to 2021.

According to Mr. Liaskovskyi, this will add an important context, regarding the development and growth of the AdPlayer.Pro business. “We’ve founded the company when the digital video ad market was already booming, yet no one could expect it would have evolved this much over such a short period of time. Therefore, it’s essential to take a look back at how the industry has been expanding and developing until today in order to understand where it’s going in the future,” he explained.

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