Chocolate Launches Premium: World’s First Video SSP With 100% Server-Side Auctions

Chocolate Premium Is an Invite-Only Platform Connecting Premium Brands with Premium Video Supply in a Fraud-Free Ecosystem with 80%+ Viewability Rate

Chocolate, a global leader in programmatic video advertising technology, announced the launch of Chocolate Premium, the worlds’ first video SSP with 100% server-side auctions. This new platform combines unique server-side only inventory from leading publishers (1 billion+ monthly video ad requests) with an intelligent bidding mechanism (Bid Enrichment) enabling improved bid win rates and creating an ideal supply path for programmatic buyers.

“We believe that the future of programmatic advertising is server-side auctions & with the launch of Chocolate Premium, we are breaking through to lead this transformation,” said Saurabh Bhatia, CEO, Chocolate. “Client-side auction mechanism is an obsolete & old technology. It is plagued with latency issues, an unstable performance due to complex tags and supply path that is not transparent to programmatic buyers. It also hampers publishers’ monetization capability due to limited ad requests a browser/client-side tag can process at one time. Chocolate Premium intends to solve these problems by offering faster ad loads, lower latency, better supply path & higher bid win rates for the buyers, and an overall better ad experience for the end-user,” he added.

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Why Chocolate Premium?

Chocolate is dedicated to continued innovation in video advertising. For marketers and programmatic buyers, Chocolate Premium offers the following key benefits:

Better Supply Path Optimization 

DSPs have been looking at new ways of cleaning up the supply path, to make it shorter, more efficient and cost-effective. Chocolate Premium delivers on all, firstly, by delivering the shortest path to supply via server-side auctions, eliminating client-side tags. Secondly, creating the fastest path to the audience by co-locating its data servers closer to the end-user and finally by offering access to premium video supply at scale from publishers with direct contracts only.

Bid Enrichment

With the goal of bringing valuable data for programmatic buyers, 100% of bid requests on Chocolate Premium comes with intelligent data signals like estimated viewability score, estimated video completion rate, minimum bid to win metric and highly accurate geo data allowing buyers to make informed decisions in real-time.

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Fraud-Free ecosystem with Sellers.json

Chocolate is one of the early adopters of Sellers.json. Combined with the TAG Certification Against Fraud compliance and 100% adherence to ads.txt and app-ads.txt initiatives by IAB, Chocolate proves to take stringent measures to combat ad fraud. Additionally, a partnership with the leading trusted third-party vendor for fraud detection & prevention, results in a truly fraud-free platform for programmatic advertising.

Curated Premium Unique Video Supply at Scale

Chocolate Premium brings a highly curated supply from over 45+ leading premium publishers with over 1,000+ web & app properties. The company’s publisher partners are exclusively allocating a percentage of their inventory to server-side auctions only, making it unique in the ecosystem.

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