Health Care Communications Experts Raise Over $1.6 Million For Video Campaign To Reverse Vaccine Hesitancy

Video ads will be shown 130 million times in pharmacies, clinics and doctor’s offices in low-income and rural areas

Effort comes at critical time as demand for vaccines has waned across the country

A coalition of communications executives from across the health care industry has secured over $1.6 million for a campaign to educate vaccine-hesitant communities about the importance of getting fully vaccinated. Video ads will run 130 million times in under-vaccinated parts of the country.

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The network of communications professionals have come together to create a nonprofit organization, Face2Face America (F2FA), focused on ensuring as many eligible Americans get the Covid-19 vaccine as possible. They reached out to a range of health care partners to secure the funding for the digital media campaign.

America has seen the demand for the COVID-19 vaccine decrease significantly in areas around the country, and several states have created incentives to convince skeptical communities to get the vaccine. Recent research has shown that video-based messaging from health care professionals and community members is a highly effective manner of influencing vaccine hesitant Americans.

Members of the coalition engaged their network of local doctors and community members to capture grass-roots style interviews about the importance of getting vaccinated and to spread those messages through digital media advertising to hesitant communities.

The messages will be seen online and on displays in doctor’s offices and pharmacies in vaccine-hesitant communities, including thousands in underserved urban and rural areas. The advertising not only addresses community members but also healthcare professionals serving those communities, urging them to have conversations about the vaccines with their patients. Recent research has suggested that local healthcare professionals are most likely to persuade individuals to get vaccinated.

“Having worked in health care for decades, we know the importance of all Americans getting the Covid-19 vaccine so we can reach herd immunity and resume our normal lives,” said Marc Benjamin, a founder of Face2Face America and a health care marketing expert. “We formed Face2Face America as our members saw the research that showed that short videos from local health care professionals and community members were highly effective in convincing all Americans to get the vaccine.”

Recently, it has been shown that younger people have not been obtaining the vaccine due to misconceptions and a lack of clear information. F2FA has announced a new partnership with the Covid Campus Coalition to amplify their efforts to inform college students about the importance of the vaccine through digital platforms.

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