Mintegral’s Ad Platform now Available on ironSource’s Mediation Platform

The programmatic and interactive advertising platform Mintegral announced the integration of its SDK into ironSource’s ad mediation platform, with the aim of helping global publishers and developers monetize their mobile apps through Mintegral’s Ad Platform on a large scale, especially within the APAC region.

Once publishers and developers have integrated with Mintegral’s SDK through the ironSource mediation platform, they will gain access to Mintegral’s high-quality demand-side resources as well as be able to sell their inventory to the highest bidder in order to generate increased revenues in China and the APAC market. Advertisers working with Mintegral will benefit from more traffic and more impressions from the ironSource side, giving them more bidding opportunities.

“Our partnership with ironSource is an important milestone for us, and I am incredibly excited to see what we will be able to achieve together, ” said Mintegral CEO, Erick Fang. “We work with over 1,000 Chinese publishers. Our knowledge of the APAC market, combined with ironSource’s great track record in the West, means we’re in great shape to create a unique global proposition that aims to help mobile app developers build a successful business on a global scale.”

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“We’re excited to be adding yet another ad network to our mediation platform,” said Nimrod Zuta, VP Product Developer Solutions at ironSource. “The integration with Mintegral continues our goal of strengthening and expanding our offering for Chinese developers, by providing them with the widest option of demand sources in the market.”

Mintegral is one of the biggest ad platforms in China, with over 400 million SDK DAUs and integrated with over 3,000 mobile developers worldwide, including Voodoo, Lion Studio, Kiloo, Outfit7, Ubisoft, Good job games, Geisha Tokyo, Zplay, Noodlecake, and iDreamsky. Supporting a variety of ad formats, including interactive ad, rewarded video, interstitial video, native ad and banner.

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Mintegral is also the first Chinese ad platform to support in-app header bidding. In-app header bidding is the latest programmatic bidding technology that helps publishers find the best buyer for each impression at lower risk and higher ROI.

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