VuePlanner Verified As YouTube Brand Suitability & Contextual Targeting Partner

VuePlanner joins the YouTube Measurement Program as trusted, independent solution for driving and measuring marketing performance on the platform

VuePlanner, a leading solution for contextual, data-driven YouTube campaign performance, today announced its verification as a partner in the YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP).

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YTMP was created to offer advertisers an array of trusted, independent solutions for driving and measuring marketing performance on YouTube. VuePlanner’s entry comes as YTMP expands its verified partnerships across three specializations: brand suitability & contextual targeting, brand safety reporting, and content insights.

With proprietary technology that identifies contextually relevant content and provides quality scoring and ongoing placement monitoring, VuePlanner was verified by YouTube as a partner for the brand suitability & contextual targeting category.

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“Recognition by YouTube as a trusted partner for driving marketing performance on YouTube is a testament to the solution VuePlanner delivers to brands and their agencies,” said John Cobb, VuePlanner CEO. “Couple the VuePlanner technology and our team of experts with the YTMP, and marketers have a winning combination for trust and transparency on the YouTube platform.”

Focused on a Cost Per Suitable View (CPSV) metric, VuePlanner technology helps brands reach and engage consumers at the right time through contextually relevant, data-driven targeting. In addition, VuePlanner improves the user experience of advertising on the YouTube platform through its brand suitability focus by turning consumer intent into action.

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VuePlanner is a proprietary technology that powers contextual, data-driven YouTube campaign performance through relevant content identification and quality scoring, and ongoing placement monitoring. Using a combination of machine learning and human curation, VuePlanner produces custom video-level placement lists that integrate seamlessly with both the Google Ads and DV360 platforms.

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