Youtube Reveals the Top Six Second Ads From the Past Year

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YouTube has released its Bumper Ads Leaderboard, which showcases the top 10 six-second adverts that people loved this year. It’s the battle of the FMCG brands, with Doritos, Papa John’s and Cadbury all making a play for first place.

The top spot is taken by Mars-owned confectionary brand, Maltesers, promoting its Maltesers Buttons product, which shows two people using the buttons as substitutes for a game of Tiddlywinks.

Chocolate overall has made for great snackable ads, with Maltesers and Cadbury adverts performing highly in the leaderboard, as well as a strong showing from Oreo.

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Doritos UK takes the second spot, blending real-life with animation to promote their new two-flavoured tortilla chips. Oreo Cookie falls in third place, with a creative twist that shows various people creating Oreo-inspired eyebrows – or #OreoBrows!

The top ten six second ads in the Bumper Ads Leaderboard were initially ranked by an algorithm that factors in total views and engagements. The adverts were then ranked by a user creative ratings survey run by Ipsos, which considers four parameters: likeability, memorability, emotion and brand linkage.

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The full list is below.

Video Title Video Url Brand
1 NEW Maltesers Buttons – Tiddlywinks Maltesers
2 NEW Doritos Collisions – A battle of two flavours Doritos UK
3 OREOBROWS – Some People’ll Do Anything For An Oreo Oreo Cookie
4 Cadbury Fingers – Cupboard Raider Cadbury
5 Clear results with Clearblue digital pregnancy tests (For United Kingdom and Ireland) Clearblue
6 Welcome to the fun-filled world of Oreo Ice Cream Oreo Ice Cream
7 NEW The Hot Dog Pizza Papa John’s Pizza GB
8 Four wipes 6s copy Dettol
9 Find the gift that helps them find their Gift
10 Naked Chicken Taco Taco Bell UK

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