Youtube Reveals the Top Six Second Ads From the Past Year

Youtube Reveals the Top Six Second Ads From the Past Year

YouTube has released its Bumper Ads Leaderboard, which showcases the top 10 six-second adverts that people loved this year. It’s the battle of the FMCG brands, with Doritos, Papa John’s and Cadbury all making a play for first place.

The top spot is taken by Mars-owned confectionary brand, Maltesers, promoting its Maltesers Buttons product, which shows two people using the buttons as substitutes for a game of Tiddlywinks.

Chocolate overall has made for great snackable ads, with Maltesers and Cadbury adverts performing highly in the leaderboard, as well as a strong showing from Oreo.

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Doritos UK takes the second spot, blending real-life with animation to promote their new two-flavoured tortilla chips. Oreo Cookie falls in third place, with a creative twist that shows various people creating Oreo-inspired eyebrows – or #OreoBrows!

The top ten six second ads in the Bumper Ads Leaderboard were initially ranked by an algorithm that factors in total views and engagements. The adverts were then ranked by a user creative ratings survey run by Ipsos, which considers four parameters: likeability, memorability, emotion and brand linkage.

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The full list is below.

Video Title Video Url Brand
1 NEW Maltesers Buttons – Tiddlywinks Maltesers
2 NEW Doritos Collisions – A battle of two flavours Doritos UK
3 OREOBROWS – Some People’ll Do Anything For An Oreo Oreo Cookie
4 Cadbury Fingers – Cupboard Raider Cadbury
5 Clear results with Clearblue digital pregnancy tests (For United Kingdom and Ireland) Clearblue
6 Welcome to the fun-filled world of Oreo Ice Cream Oreo Ice Cream
7 NEW The Hot Dog Pizza Papa John’s Pizza GB
8 Four wipes 6s copy Dettol
9 Find the gift that helps them find their Gift
10 Naked Chicken Taco Taco Bell UK

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