LinkedIn Launches Beta Program with Video for Sponsored Content

Less than two months ago, LinkedIn had introduced native video in the LinkedIn Feed and the response to that was overwhelmingly positive. However, marketers were awaiting the release native video ads. LinkedIn announced the launch of their beta program to test video for Sponsored Content with a limited number of advertisers. In this closed beta, advertisers can use richer visual narratives to their target audiences in the LinkedIn Feed with video.

The LinkedIn beta program is comprised of several hundred customers, such as Prudential Financial and Microsoft Canada, among others. The company plans to make video for Sponsored Content available to all marketers in the first half of  2018.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content’s Targeting Capabilities

LinkedIn video ads will feature the same targeting options as other LinkedIn advertising products. Marketers will be able to reach specific audiences based on member profile data like company size, geography, job title, and more. They will also have the ability to target their video ads using LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences suite. For now, video ads will only be served on mobile, but will expand to desktop in the near future.

Unlike pre or post-roll video ads, native video ads live directly on a feed as a standalone post. While scrolling on the LinkedIn Feed, the members will see the video ad as they would any other piece of content, albeit with the “Promoted” label.
Using video ads, which represent a natural extension of Sponsored Content native ads, advertisers can build brand awareness, engage the people who matter most to their business, and generate qualified demand for their products and services.

Promote Video Content on LinkedIn with Higher Campaign ROI

This new capability would enable advertisers will be able to upload video through LinkedIn Campaign Manager, their Company Page, or their Showcase Page. They can then promote that video content as part of a Sponsored Content campaign and target an audience within LinkedIn’s professional environment.

Since understanding the campaign ROI is key, LinkedIn’s reporting tools will allow marketers to track video ad performance with metrics like view count and views by percentage of completion. Linkedin plan to update our campaign reporting with additional video-specific metrics in the coming months.

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