Mail Plus Partners with Wibbitz to Produce Video for Amazon Echo Show

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Esteemed British Media Newsbrands Implement Automated Video Creation, Pioneering IoT Devices’ Transition from Audio to Visual

Wibbitz, the leading automated video creation company, announced that it has partnered with Mail Plus, the digital subscription-based edition of the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday, Britain’s most influential daily newspapers. This partnership brings the power of quick and quality video creation into the Mail Plus editorial team’s workflow.

“Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday are undeniably a driving force behind the uptick in publishers’ integration of smart assistants and IoT devices into their editorial and distribution strategies”

Mail Plus values innovation and exploring new media which is why it was chosen as a launch partner for Amazon’s suite of smart assistants and devices including the Echo Show. As one of the first few newsbrands to launch an Alexa Skill for the Echo Show, Mail Plus recognized the need to incorporate video content in order to engage users of these devices. The partnership with Wibbitz enables editors on the Daily Mail team with no previous video experience to create quality news video in minutes, increasing their capacity to produce content for the Mail Plus app and mobile site and the Daily Mail Skills for Amazon Echo Show.

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Mail Plus is an early innovator on Alexa. When the need for visuals became apparent with the Amazon Echo Show, the team faced challenges in producing video content during the daily news cycle.

After adopting Wibbitz’s streamlined platform, the Mail Plus team was able to publish high-quality video content through collaboration across the team. Editors can now input stories into the Wibbitz platform. They can add media from an expansive library of fully-licensed videos, images, and gifs, and optimize video formats for mobile devices and the Amazon Echo Show. Since implementing the Wibbitz platform, Mail Plus has established a video-centric news experience for its subscribers by allowing editors to become video creators.

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As well as news videos, the Mail Plus team also leverages the Wibbitz platform to create recipe videos for its Mail Recipes Skill on Amazon Echo Show.

“Our mission is to provide our subscribers with an optimal news experience whenever they want, wherever they want. This drives us to experiment with new channels and produce content people connect with,” said Simon Regan-Edwards, Production Director, Mail Plus. “Within days of integrating Wibbitz into our newsroom’s daily workflow, our editors, with or without video experience, were able to easily produce quality video. It has played a significant part in establishing a solid foundation for our success with mobile apps and Amazon Alexa devices.”

“Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday are undeniably a driving force behind the uptick in publishers’ integration of smart assistants and IoT devices into their editorial and distribution strategies,” said Zohar Dayan, CEO and Co-founder of Wibbitz. “We are proud to partner with these innovative newsbrands and provide a video creation solution to their digital subscribers that supports their vision of creating a visually engaging, voice-powered, user experience for its mobile and IoT devices users. We look forward to expanding the partnership on a larger scale and equipping more teams with the ability to produce compelling visual stories with automation.”

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