Creators’ Legal Takes Flight: First-ever Legal Platform For the Creator Economy

Content Creators Offering an Affordable and Easy To Use Entertainment Lawyer-in-a-Box

Creators' Legal,Creators’ Legal, the first-ever legal platform built specifically for content creators, offering a wide-range of industry standard contracts and the ability to sign, track and store agreements in a digital briefcase, has just launched at, it was announced today by Eric Farber, Founder & CEO of

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“Never before in history has it been easier to be a content creator,” said Farber. “One really only needs an idea, a social following and a smartphone. This is evident by the explosion of self-publishing, podcasts, influencer videos and web series uploaded on social and video sharing platforms and the prediction that the content creator Industry is expected to reach $300B over the next few years. What has not kept pace is the affordability and ease in which content creators can protect their rights and interests. Traditional lawyers are not just incredibly expensive, they simply can’t keep pace with the needs, challenges and quickly evolving business models of today’s content creators.”

Creators’ Legal offers a multitude of specific contracts, all of which have been drafted by experienced content and media lawyers, as well as the tools content creators need to keep up with the ever-changing creator landscape. Deals can be papered, executed and stored in a digital briefcase in minutes for a completely affordable price — be it a one-off or yearly subscription.

There are three pricing tiers from which creators can choose. Single use contracts start at just $10; bundled contract packages covering individual projects start at $30; and unlimited use of all contacts is just $40 per month with a 20% discount if creators commit to a one-year subscription. There is also an option for student pricing at a deep discount of 90% off for any student or faculty of a creative arts program.

The Creators’ Legal platform process is simple, fast and user friendly.

A creator can register for a free account and choose from dozens of contracts or pre-chosen packages. While specialized categories will continuously be added to the site over time as the industry introduces new production opportunities, currently contacts offered on the site include those for filmmakers, musicians, social influencers and content creators, podcasters and live theater. The platform also offers specialized contracts such as podcast sponsorship, podcast guest release, talent agreement, film editor agreement, director agreement, options, location license, beats purchase agreement, influencer agreement, photographer, and the social media brand ambassador.

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The site’s easy-to-use Form Builder allows creators to customize their contracts based on their specific project needs.

Once drafted, Creators’ Legal’s quick and secure signature system, powered by HelloSign, enables obtaining all party’s signatures in a few clicks of the mouse. The Project Briefcase stores all drafts of contracts, as well as purchased and signed contracts in a free and secure dashboard enabling the creator to stay organized with the ability to access, download or share contacts on demand.

“We believe it is time to democratize the creative industry and level the playing field,” added Farber. “Creators Legal helps creators protect themselves. We want them to be able to document deals, collaborate easily and quickly with other creators and build the creative businesses of members of our community in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our plan is to have creators legal in the hands of every independent creator, production company and social media agency to be able to streamline the creative process. Essentially, this is an entertainment lawyer-in-a-box that moves at the speed the modern creator moves and at a fraction of the cost.”

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