Wibbitz Introduces Storyteller Circles to Connect Global Community of Creators

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Wibbitz, the leading AI-powered video creation company, introduced Storyteller Circle – a diverse community of creative professionals looking to expand their networks and skill sets around video, photography, music, design, marketing, social media and more. Through a series of events that include panel discussions, cocktail hours, and roundtable breakfasts, the community connects professional storytellers with leaders in the space, and promotes an open environment for the sharing of knowledge and inspiration. Storyteller Circle events have already begun in New York and Paris, and will soon expand into Tel AvivLos AngelesLondon, and more major cities worldwide.

Wibbitz Introduces Storyteller Circles to Connect Global Community of Creators
Wibbitz Introduces Storyteller Circles to Connect Global Community of Creators

With today’s easy access to mobile devices and social media platforms, anyone can become a storyteller – and visual storytelling has proven to be the most engaging, interactive way to connect with an audience. To meet the mounting demand for visual content, and to set themselves apart from the saturated content space, creators need to equip themselves with a comprehensive set of digital creation tools and skills. As a part of this commitment, Storyteller Circle aims to create meaningful connections for creators to learn from industry leaders and innovators, share resources, and grow their professional networks, in order to stay creative and productive in the competitive content space.

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“It’s an amazing time to be a storyteller. There are so many different formats, platforms, and technologies to explore, so many ways to create compelling, beautiful content that resonates,” said Zohar Dayan, CEO and Co-founder at Wibbitz, “As a video creation company, visual storytelling is embedded in our soul. We’ve witnessed first-hand how impactful it can be for building a brand and connecting with audiences on a personal level. The goal of our Storyteller Circle events is to make storytelling accessible for every creator, connect them with leading innovators, and equip them with the resources they need to succeed.”

“Anyone who is looking to hone their visual creation skills could benefit from the Storyteller Circle events,” said Ken Gibbs, Vice President of Digital Video and Social Content at BET. “As one of the first panelists to join the Circle, I came out of it with fresh ideas and knowledge, inspired by other professional storytellers that came from different backgrounds, which I think is what essentially makes Storyteller Circle unique – a creative space for interdisciplinary exchange among industry leaders and experts.”

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