Ad-Juster Launches ProgrammaticIQ, a SaaS Programmatic Data Analytics Platform for Revenue Optimization

Ad-Juster, an Industry Leader in Media Reporting and Analytics Solutions, Has Changed the Game with the Launch of ProgrammaticIQ, a Comprehensive Data Analytics Platform That Brings Automated Data Collection, Normalization, and Powerful Analysis All into One Platform

Ad-Juster, a SaaS provider of media reporting and analytics solutions for digital advertising, announced the launch of ProgrammaticIQ, a data analytics platform that automates the aggregation of programmatic data and provides actionable insights for revenue optimization.

“Programmatic technology and operations have evolved quickly over the past decade and revolutionized the way publishers manage and monetize their inventory. The problem is that publishers must work with a multitude of demand partners,” explains Dan Lawton, Chief Business Development Officer for Ad-Juster, “but with a lack of industry standards surrounding tech and internal processes, managing all of these partners is a multibillion dollar problem.”

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Before Programmatic IQ, the market would have to turn to multiple data and reporting solutions to get the capabilities needed for success. Other market solutions focus either on the particulars of media data gathering or data analysis, but not both. Users have had to cobble together generic BI dashboards with manually aggregated data or data fed in from other systems. This lengthy process is not only fraught with errors, but also takes time and resources away from revenue-generating activities like identifying new leads or measuring the overall effect of a channel optimization.

ProgrammaticIQ is the first solution that holistically solves these pain points by bringing data collection, normalization, and analysis all into one platform—providing a huge lift to efficiency and revenue. Ad-Juster has changed the game by providing a comprehensive data solution with Smart Connections that aggregate and normalize media-specific data across vendors in real-time and Dynamic Dashboards that put powerful intuitive data-visualizations and analysis at users fingertips.

“Each publisher in the industry has a unique strategy for monetization so a one-size-fits-all data solution wouldn’t work,” said Stuart Moncada, Ad-Juster’s Head of Product. “With the continued evolution of programmatic technology and opportunities, our clients not only needed a solution that allowed them to customize the platform for their current use case, but would also continue to support them as they scale their business. So, with their input, we developed an intelligent platform that automates data management and allows each client to adjust the platform to their size and unique revenue strategy.”

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Ad-Juster’s ProgrammaticIQ has a number of unique features designed specifically for media data:

  • Dynamic Dashboards: Instantly improve efficiency and decision-making with configurable visualizations and dashboards to highlight your most important KPIs.
  • Smart Connections: Automate data pulls and connection status, report on data as soon as the connection is live.
  • Normalization & Universal Advertiser: No need to translate dimensions across demand partners or match “Advertiser” with “Advertiser, Inc.”
  • Unique Custom Fields: Draw deeper insights from your data with the ability to transform data points.

“ProgrammaticIQ is the culmination of listening to our clients, 1000’s of man-hours to build, and a multi-million dollar investment,” said Dennis Clerke, Ad-Juster CEO. “Ad-Juster has a history of delivering exclusive and robust solutions for use cases that scale our clients workflows and operations. We are very proud to offer a best-in-class solution that is the next generation of programmatic reporting.”

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