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4Cite Unveils How Shopping Elsewhere Technology Identifies and Re-Engages Customers

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Accelerated Growth of 4Cite Data Network Means Personalized, Triggered Emails Have Huge Impact on B2C eCommerce Success, Revenues

4Cite, a leading consumer identification and data insights company, has announced that customers who are a part of the 4Cite Data Network™ are fostering brand loyalty and increasing client revenues by 20+ percent because of 4Cite’s proprietary Shopping Elsewhere™ email triggers that provide valuable insight that prompts real-time, personalized offers at the moment when potential customers are active in their inbox or are in shopping mode on other retailer sites, drastically increasing open rates and getting inactive and lapsed customers re-engaged.

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The announcement was made at ShopTalk 2018, the world’s largest conference for retail and e-commerce, being held March 19-21, 2018.

Shopping Elsewhere by 4Cite Optimizes Marketing Efforts

At the time of this announcement, 4Cite CEO Bob Gaito, said, “Our Shopping Elsewhere email trigger technology service gives brands relief from traditional send time optimization efforts.”

Bob added, “Brands can now drop email blasts on a personal level when a subscriber displays intent to buy across the 4Cite Data Network, massively increasing the likelihood that the individual will open and act on the offer. Shopping Elsewhere email triggers have shown a purchase rate lift of 139 percent over the unengaged customers who did not receive the email.”

Unlike other triggered email programs, 4Cite’s triggered email technology service is fueled by the 4Cite Data Network and provides companies with a solution to re-engage dormant email subscribers by reaching them with incentivized content at the moment they display intent to engage. In 2017, the 4Cite Data Network had tagged in 1.45 billion email sends and over 1 billion page views for over 240 brands, representing over 40 million active email addresses every month. As a result, 4Cite clients experienced a minimum 20 percent increase in revenues.

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The company also announced today that 4Cite Vice President Craig Belhumeur will be presenting at ShopTalk 2018’s TechTalk on Monday, March 19 at 6:18 p.m. on the TechTalk Stage. In support of the new triggered email technology service offered by 4Cite, Craig Belhumeur will discuss the impact of triggered emails for cart abandonment and how onsite identification can impact the scalability.

Craig will address how agencies and brands alike are testing messaging, creative and cadence on a daily basis but rarely test their ability to identify anonymous website visitors, many of which are likely subscribed and opted-in customers. These shoppers who shop without logging-in represent a major miss by online retailers. Without identifying who the visitor is, customer or prospect brands are leaving money on the table.

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