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Kochava Collective Provides Audience Insights and Data Enrichment at Scale

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5b Connected Device Profiles Give Brands and Marketers an Alternative to the Walled Gardens for Data Enrichment and Deep Audience Insights

The Kochava Collective, the world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace, now provides brands, app owners, and data companies with access to more than 1B monthly active users, 5B total connected device profiles, and is growing by 400 Million every month. The Kochava Collective is on pace to include 10B devices by the start of 2020. This data, combined with strategic partnerships with companies like people-based marketing technology platform, LiveIntent, provide brands and marketers with a strong alternative to the walled gardens.

“The Collective has grown exponentially over the past year,” said Grant Cohen, GM of the Collective. “This critical mass in available data makes the Collective an incredible resource across industries. Hedge funds, research firms, media companies, and data processors are licensing mobile-first data to augment their existing data for a variety of use cases.”

Device profiles are adorned with more than 50 attributes including in-app activity (purchase, registration, etc.), demographics, interests, and more. The data can be accessed directly. Marketers and researchers can precisely define audiences based on these attributes to better understand the makeup and behavior of users of connected devices.

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The use cases for applying the data are unlimited. The Collective supports app store analytics models to overlay engagement data; informs cross-device systems with a large deterministic graph; helps establish identity for leading identity solutions; and provides predictive churn modeling by device across app categories. In addition to accessing data within a web user interface, Collective data is available via dynamic data feeds. This gives marketers and researchers the ability to ingest valuable mobile-first data into their own systems to collide with their own first-party data.

“Brands and publishers are finding ways to cope with a future where the role of the cookie is deprecated, and those that are able to leverage identity will rise to the fore,” said LiveIntent CEO and Founder Matt Keiser. “LiveIntent and Kochava are dedicated to helping brands and publishers thrive in this new era. We are the largest email-hash-to-cookie player in the market, and Kochava is the leader in the email-hash-to-mobile ad ID (MAID) space. Working together, we’ll be able to achieve unprecedented scale for our shared clients, and all in an easy to use self-serve model for brands and publishers. Together, we’ll democratize identity and bring people-based marketing solutions to brands and publishers in this mobile-first world.”

The Collective provides flexible access to data based on customer needs, ranging from data feed packages and custom data feeds, to Audience Insights reports, detailing the shared attributes of the audience. Marketers can also activate audiences directly from the Collective on a variety of partners including Facebook, Oracle, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, Oath, Nielsen and other leading media partners.

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TargetSmart, the leading data provider to Democratic campaigns and causes, used Collective data to more precisely tailor messaging to audiences during the 2018 election. “Adding Collective data into our existing models made us more effective than ever before,” said Andrew Brown, Chief Strategy Officer at TargetSmart. Political campaigns present a unique challenge—they must first educate people on the issues to win their support and then turn those supporters into voters.

In late 2016, Kochava introduced Free App Analytics to provide an attribution and analytics solution for emerging apps and marketers. The growth has been exponential with thousands of developers downloading the SDK. Kochava retains first-party data rights for these Free App Analytics accounts and this data is the backbone that has fueled the Kochava Collective. The Collective includes both first- and third-party data, derived from non-EU sources. All third-party sources are scrubbed for fraud and vetted on an ongoing basis.

“The depth of Collective data provides a great application for cross-device targeting. Now marketers can reach their best audiences with the right message on all their connected devices, providing a more cohesive and unified ad experience,” said Charles Manning, CEO and Founder of Kochava.

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While the Kochava Collective now includes 5B addressable devices, Kochava enterprise client data is processed and stored independently from the Collective. Kochava enterprise solutions, the Unified Audience Platform, has measured trillions of events on more than 10B devices and is chosen by the world’s leading apps, brands and marketers for its capability as a highly configurable and holistic, real-time data platform.

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