SmarterTravel Launches Innovative Travel Partnership Program With Performance Horizon

SmarterTravel’s SmarterAd Program Reflects the Growing Range of Partner Models Bringing More Monetization Opportunities to the Online Travel Industry

Performance Horizon, the leading global provider of partner management software for global brands, recently SmarterTravel launched SmarterAds program for travel publishers on the Performance Horizon Partner Management Platform (PMP). In its first weeks since launch, enrollment in the SmarterAds program has far exceeded expectations as many travel publishers move quickly to capitalize on this lucrative new revenue stream.

SmarterAds is a turnkey self-service solution designed to enable travel publishers of all sizes to monetize their traffic through a suite of monetization products. By participating in this B2B partnership program, travel publishers can add revenue-driving advertisements to their pages quickly and easily, and get paid faster than other industry offerings.

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By choosing Performance Horizon to deliver and manage this program, SmarterTravel can cultivate direct relationships with travel publishers, simplifying and speeding up the process of onboarding and implementation. It also ensures that SmarterTravel and its partners gain access to real-time data and insights to understand which programs and offers are driving better conversion rates.

Eric Bosco

“We developed the SmarterAds program to give all travel publishers efficient and effective new ways to drive revenue and monetize their traffic. Our implementation through Performance Horizon gives us the direct connections we want with our publisher partners, along with unprecedented insight into partner performance and the customer path to purchase,” said Eric Bosco, General Manager, SmarterTravel.

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As part of the SmarterAds program, the parties are sharing visitor metadata in order to deliver customized messages and offers based on where a visitor is in the path to purchase journey. The SmarterAds program leads the industry with its full spectrum of partner programs and models. Many companies are broadening their definition of the partner channel as they forge new ways of working with other companies for mutual benefit. New models and payment structures like SmarterAds are helping accelerate this already fast-growing industry.

Malcolm Cowley

“Transformational partnership programs like SmarterAds give companies new ways to create value. We’re excited to see SmarterTravel leverage the depth and flexibility of our platform to power this program and drive extraordinary growth,” said Malcolm Cowley, Co-founder & CEO, Performance Horizon.

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