V12 Launches Digital Data Licensing to Provide Brands with Unlimited Access to Privacy-Compliant, High Quality Audience Data

 V12, a leading provider of customer acquisition solutions, announced the launch of its digital data licensing solution to provide brands with unlimited access to high quality, privacy compliant data assets. V12’s data licensing is available with zero restrictions on data usage at flat fee pricing.

Powered by AudienceLink, V12’s digital data asset is a multi-verified data source built using high quality data products that deliver both depth and breadth covering consumer and business audiences. V12 houses 215+ million consumer contacts with full address, 186+ million VINs, 208 million consumer emails and 300 million monthly cookies.

“In today’s heightened privacy environment, brands must be more diligent than ever by only sourcing data from vendors who continually invest in the quality of their data and who adhere to privacy standards,” said Andy Frawley, CEO of V12. “Working in the data industry for over thirty years, V12 takes strict measures to offer marketers a high quality and broad data catalog of foundational and purchase intender data assets to optimize media spend.”

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Sample audiences include:

  • Purchase Intender Audiences, Powered by V12 Signals: Audiences include consumers who are expressing active buying indicators based on store visits or online browsing behaviors. Clients using V12 Signals intender audiences experience 4x the sales conversion rates and 3x the engagement rates of other audience data sets.
  • Automotive Audiences: Powered by V12’s leading VIN dataset with 186+ million VINs, audiences are available for all 50 states, including privacy states and include in-market vehicle shoppers and aftermarket shoppers.
  • Consumer Audiences: ConsumerLink, a proprietary consumer data source, offers access to data on 215+ million consumers, including 50 million individuals with shopping behavior and lifestyle categories and 130 million identified mail order buyers and responders.
  • CPG Audiences: Built from a proprietary algorithm, V12 finds high-indexing “look-a-like” buyers for 70 CPG segments, allowing marketers to target a larger pool of consumers who are 5x more likely to make a purchase.
  • Custom Audiences: V12 employs digital profiling techniques to analyze aggregated customer attributes to form a detailed composite of a brand’s “ideal” buyer. V12’s analytics capabilities provide insights into purchasing behaviors, unique segments and modeling applications.

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“As data about consumers continues to grow exponentially, brands are increasing their use of both first and third party data in order to better understand their customers’ purchase intentions, shopping habits and media preferences,” said Anders Ekman, President of V12. “Our offering provides advertisers with an award-winning solution to build unlimited audiences and deliver campaigns at scale through the channels of their choosing.”

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