Marchex Launches Marchex Stream, Unlocking Transformative Conversational Analytics Capabilities for Businesses

Cloud-Based Conversational Data Platform Supports Real-Time Analytics, Signals and Internal and External Application Development

Marchex, a leading provider of call analytics that drive, measure, and convert callers into customers, launched Marchex Stream, a powerful conversational data streaming and business intelligence platform.

Marchex Stream is a new platform that analyzes consumer-to-business conversational data, gains insights in real time and at any scale, extracts signals of consumer intent and supports predictive analytics and the development of artificial intelligence-driven, use-case specific applications.  It also serves as the foundation for future Marchex product development and innovations.

In today’s fast-moving multichannel marketplace, it is critical for businesses to be empowered to access and integrate data across multiple communication channels, including voice and text. With Marchex Stream, a customer’s journey can now be captured across its many touchpoints, including inbound and outbound phone calls, SMS, messaging and chat, in a single, unified platform and processed within seconds. This capability is critical for businesses to be able to identify signals and act on key insights in real time, to both accelerate sales and ensure positive customer experiences.

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Marchex Stream enables businesses to realize the full potential and value of conversational artificial intelligence and introduces a new set of industry-leading capabilities, including:

  • Massive cloud-based conversational data storage and analytics scalability that support Marchex’s growing base of more than one billion minutes of analyzed consumer-to-business conversations. This means Marchex can meet the communications solution needs of any customer, large or small.
  • New streaming capabilities enable processing events and extracting signals from conversations as they occur, making conversation transcripts and multiple AI signals available within seconds. This empowers businesses to act as conversations are happening, using AI-powered insights to influence their customer’s buying decisions, accelerate sales and improve customer experiences.
  • Purpose-built analytics for omnichannel consumer conversations across voice and text. These include phone calls, SMS, messaging and chat. Every consumer’s buying journey is unique and includes a mix of interactions with brands across inbound and outbound voice and text communications. This new business reality makes it essential for brands to be able to integrate consumer data across all communications channels and touch points in a single, unified analytics and solutions platform.
  • Rich API for developers to access omnichannel conversation data from custom applications and reports, or integrate that data with existing business systems.
  • Secure by design, Marchex Stream utilizes multi-layered, cloud-based advanced security processes and techniques to provide the protection required to support enterprise level needs.

Additionally, Marchex Stream serves as the foundation to support new customer engagement features and sales acceleration solutions, such as:

  • Real-time personalization – Marchex Stream enables brands to personalize website content for visitors based on the content and context of their phone calls.  It can also process conversations to generate multiple AI signals within seconds, as the conversation is actually occurring. This signal data can in turn flow into marketing platforms, such as Adobe Marketing Cloud, to drive the display of targeted content to that individual or similar-segment visitors.
  • Accelerated Enterprise Business Intelligence – Marchex Stream also enables dramatic acceleration in post-conversation analytics reporting for large-scale conversational data sets, reducing availability time to just seconds. Performance at this level can enable businesses to operate dynamically and to capture real-time opportunities and improve customer experiences, supporting strategically enhanced marketing, sales, service and operations performance.
  • Real-time advertising in Marchex Call Marketplace – The Marchex Call Marketplace Ad Repository uses Marchex Stream to process business listing requests via its real-time Ad Serving API. Listing updates that previously took up to ninety minutes to complete are now processed in seconds, giving advertisers programmatic access to real-time ad inventory.

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Marchex Stream is built on a proprietary, multi-layered technical structure that includes a partnership with Snowflake, a leading secure cloud-based warehouse solution.

“Marchex’s use of data from analyzed conversations delivers actionable insights that can drive meaningful business results for companies,” said Snowflake VP of Data Sharing, Justin Langseth. “Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse enables Marchex to quickly and securely access insights from more than one billion minutes of analyzed conversations, delivering mission critical solutions to their customers. Marchex is a great example of alignment with the Snowflake mission: to enable every organization to be data-driven.”

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