Infogroup Launches B2B Intent Data Capability Within Its Real-Time Data Platform, Data Axle

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Intent data users engage and convert prospects at much higher rates

Infogroup, a leading provider of data and real-time business intelligence solutions, announced today a new capability within its real-time data delivery platform, Data Axle, that enables enterprises and small businesses to use intent data to target in-market audiences much more efficiently via real-time API feeds. Infogroup clients using Data Axle can now pinpoint prospective B2B customers’ signals of interest in a specific product or service informed by customer actions collected from multiple sources and channels.

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Marketers using intent data report great success, raising close rates by more than 79% with Infogroup clients expecting an even higher performance due to the real-time access to the data within the company’s Data Axle platform.

Infogroup adds intent data to its Data Axle platform to achieve larger data scale and accuracy than typical intent data providers by ingesting in-market audience attributes from multiple sources and combining them with its industry-leading business data. The platform then makes intent data available through real-time API delivery to power intelligent lead generation, account-based marketing, ad targeting, and customer prioritization strategies.

“I look forward to pursuing this exciting new intent data offering,” said Len Roberto, Digital Director – Audience Development at Informa Group. “I have worked with and trusted Infogroup for 15 years, so I know firsthand that they’re synonymous with data quality and accuracy.”

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“The combination of our industry-leading data assets and new intent signals enables us to seamlessly target decision-makers at in-market business locations,” said Infogroup Chairman and CEO Michael Iaccarino. “We’re using multiple partners to provide maximum coverage; and while other intent data providers primarily rely on topic licensing and programmatic efforts, we can work through all marketing channels to ensure the highest conversion rates for our customers.”

Data Axle’s intent data capability is the latest in a series of innovative new platform features, such as an integrated Salesforce app for B2B data enhancement and delivery, next generation automotive purchase intent models informed by millions of vehicle owner data points, and filters revealing the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses’ operations.

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