TeamSupport Enables Bi-Directional Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Enable Swifter Communications

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TeamSupport is a leading B2B customer support software: Now offers comprehensive, bi-directional integration with Microsoft Dynamics applications to improve clarity and streamline workflows

B2B Customer Support is under intense pressure to deliver real-time insights and provide for a swift collaboration platform for every team member. To ensure seamless collaboration between team members and agencies handling critical tasks from their remote workplaces, TeamSupport has announced a key integration with Microsoft Dynamics® 365.

TeamSupport users can now avail of the bi-directional integration to syn with contact information along with ticket data. The Microsoft 365-focused integration is an enabler in establishing stronger communication between teams, increased efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction.

At the time of this announcement, Robert C. Johnson, CEO, TeamSupport said, “It’s all about building a holistic view of the customer, really understanding their needs, and reducing the time it takes to resolve their issue.”

Robert added, “Information is visible to both support and sales, enabling support teams to resolve issues faster and sales teams to be proactive in improving the customer’s experience.”

How Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helps Users?

The new integration ensures B2B customer support teams can see all facets of a customer’s engagement, from which products they are using to what content they are sharing amongst the team.

B2B customers use TeamSupport to consolidate all their interaction into a single contact database. It provides deeper insights into customer profiles and their sentiments, enabling B2B Marketing teams to raise concerns on critical issues or act on opportunities. TeamSupport’s B2B customer support dashboard is more than just a collection of tickets. Rather, it’s a complete customer service database, powered by a proactive health center called, the Customer Distress Index, or CDI™.

The latest integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 would further enable TeamSupport to quickly scale customer record management and improve tracking of every customer interaction via “log notes, emails, meetings, calls, or even create custom activity types.”

Lets you quickly and easily add notes to a customer record, so everyone in the organization has the same information.

TeamSupport help desk software allows you to consolidate all the interactions you have with your customers, giving you deep insights into customer sentiments and enabling you to identify critical issues or opportunities.

Benefits include:

  • Agents or sales reps only have to enter the information once, instead of creating duplicate entries in each system;
  • Seamless and bi-directional sync between accounts and contacts, and between tickets and cases;
  • Quick access to a secure customer portal, even by newly imported contacts; and
  • Customizable welcome emails sent to all imported contacts.

Microsoft Dynamics is the latest in an impressive list of critical business systems with which TeamSupport seamlessly integrates. Others include Salesforce®, Jira®, Microsoft TFS®, to name a few.

Currently, the TeamSupport software solution offers an array of tools that make it simple for teams to work together, share information, and access their collective knowledge to solve customer challenges. TeamSupport makes it easier for the Support teams to resolve individual tickets while managing the overall customer relationship.

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