SourceMedia Debuts New Suite of Branded Content Products

Marketers Can Utilize Branded Content to Drive Marketing Outcomes, Push Customers Through the Sales Funnel

SourceMedia, a digital business information and performance media company serving senior decision-makers in finance, technology, and healthcare, announced the launch of a new set of Branded Content offerings. The new offerings equip marketers with the ability to dynamically target B2B audiences with branded content in the form of native advertising. The products also position SourceMedia to capitalize on the demand from marketers for content marketing products, which is projected to grow to $25 billion this year (eMarketer).

SourceMedia Debuts New Suite of Branded Content Products
Matthew Yorke

“We’re creating branded content and adding a layer of performance and data targeting on top so that marketers can more effectively scale their native campaigns. Using our sophisticated platform, marketers can also use branded content with account-based marketing activities to drive outcomes and push customers through the sales funnel,” said Matthew Yorke, CMO of SourceMedia.

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These new offerings allow clients to use their existing content, or to tap into SourceMedia’s expertise to create content for them, and then natively deliver that content to its powerful readers. SourceMedia’s turn-key offerings are comprised of the following three new products:

  • Topic Title: A custom, co-branded rich media unit that couples the client’s own content with SourceMedia’s must-read, topic-specific editorial content for high-impact, brand alignment, and content adjacency.
  • Content Fuse: A truly dynamic solution for native content that “learns” based on user engagement. SourceMedia’s technology serves native content in real-time, targeting specific audiences while adapting the placement of the content based on performance for maximum ROI.
  • Partner Insights: placement of a client’s custom content alongside and within SourceMedia’s own editorial content creating a highly relevant and integrated approach.

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Data-Driven Insights

Using A.I., SourceMedia brings audience and intent together to identify the right individuals to target. The Branded Content offering leverages first-party user data, such as demographic and firmographic; A.I. from Lytics, SouceMedia’s Customer Data Platform (CDP); third-party data from Dun&Bradstreet, Adaptive Intelligence, miEdge, and Bombora. The combined datasets enable SourceMedia to target audiences that demonstrate core buying traits and have a propensity to engage with a brand.

“SourceMedia’s role as partners to marketers is growing. Marketers are coming to SourceMedia and asking us to take on more, from ad creation to account targeting. As ad budgets continue to move towards content marketing, this will be a tremendous growth area for our business,” added Yorke.

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