Chat + ABM: Terminus Buys B2B Conversation Chat Platform Ramble to Sync Sales & Chat Data

Drive Better Conversations with Ramble ABMABM teams can now greet each of their target accounts with their initial name and set up phenomenal customer support. That’s the power of Account intelligence synced with Conversational data, achieved by Terminus.

Leading B2B Marketing platform, Terminus has scored another major acquisition. After acquiring the Email Signature Marketing platform Sigstr, Terminus has now acquired Ramble to enable chat-driven ABM engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. Terminus had also launched an on-page website optimization platform recently.

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Led by CEO, Tim Kopp, Terminus is tackling numerous challenges faced by B2B Marketing teams in orchestrating their ABM campaigns. With the newly-acquired native account-based chat, teams can quickly deploy the ABM platform in real-time and avail of account-based conversations across the entire customer journey directly within the Terminus platform, powered by Terminus’ account intelligence.

What is Ramble?

Ramble is an ABM Chat + Conversational Marketing platform that helps businesses drive more revenue by creating more sales conversations, faster.

As part of the acquisition deal, all Ramble employees will immediately become Terminus employees and Justin McDonald will join the leadership team at Terminus.

At the time of Ramble’s acquisition, Terminus CEO Tim Kopp said —

“Native chat is a game-changer for our customers as we help them drive full-funnel engagement. We’re in the middle of a major industry shift – marketers want all-in-one platforms over best-of-breed integrations because, at the end of the day, integrations can only do so much. Now with Ramble, our customers can personally engage target audiences at any stage of the funnel. We’re so impressed with this team and couldn’t be more pumped to officially have them as part of Terminus.”

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ABM teams can now connect their campaigns with Ramble Bot. Ramble Bot is designed to help marketers and demand generation create more sales conversations. These enable teams to automatically capture buyers’ info to book more meetings and offer content suggestions to Sales-qualified Leads.

Lead Qualification and Auto-Data Collection

Unique ABM + Conversational Intelligence Features enable customers by serving the following purposes:

  • To add on-page chat capabilities as more buyers prefer to bypass forms in favor of real-time conversations.
  • To create instant, precise routing of conversations so that visitors can engage with the most relevant individuals that own a given relationship.
  • To offer an intelligence-driven opportunity to Sales, Customer support, and Marketing to directly engage with visitors from anywhere, via browser or mobile app.
  • To integrate Ramble chatbots and workflows that provide lead qualification and data collection autonomously.
  • To connect marketing’s various advertising and brand activities directly to sales conversations from a single platform.

SalesLoft Sync

Justin McDonald, Ramble CEO added “We’re incredibly aligned with Terminus’ vision to build the most robust B2B marketing suite on the market, now including powerful account-based chat capabilities. Not only is this a strong fit in terms of product, but it’s also a natural fit culturally. We’re immensely proud to be joining this talented team.”

“Our team has seen incredible success using Ramble to engage with target accounts and immediately route them to the appropriate team member at VanillaSoft,” said Darryl Praill, VanillaSoft CMO.

Darryl added, “Having used another chat solution previously, we’ve found Ramble to be foundational to our ABM strategy, rather than being tacked on. I’m excited by this acquisition and at the prospect of having a single solution for our entire engagement strategy.”

Headquartered in Atlanta, supporting customers in over 20 countries around the globe, Ramble’s chat technology helps B2B marketers connect target accounts with the right sales resource, in real-time, from any online touchpoint. Currently, Ramble is making it easier than ever for modern marketers to embed robust chat functions, including ABM Chat, Outbound Messaging, Sophisticated Routing, AI Chatbots, and more into their sales process.

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