Pricefx Provides Customers Free Access to New Accelerators Offering

Pricefx offers unlimited free access to live products to help customers develop strategies to address changing market dynamics due to COVID-19

Pricefx, the global leader in native cloud pricing software, announced that it will provide its customers free access to Sales Insights Accelerator. This Accelerator is a preconfigured, easy to deploy, highly actionable pricing analytics solution that can analyze transactional data, quickly gain visibility into pricing opportunities and flag threats. Pricefx is offering free, unlimited access to these products in order to help businesses develop strategies to quickly react to current market dynamics and challenges as a result of COVID-19.

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Businesses worldwide have experienced shutdowns and consumers are under strict stay at home orders in an effort to contain the new coronavirus pandemic. This has caused consumer prices to plummet in many industries. In the U.S. consumer prices in March were at the lowest in five years. Supply chain issues continue to challenge many businesses as shortages and plant closures threaten business continuity.

“We feel strongly that we have a responsibility to the community and our customers to help during these challenging times, and while we are not manufacturer who can retool to produce PPE items, we write awesome code that helps our customers get better at pricing every day,” said Marcin Cichon, CEO and co-founder at Pricefx. “While other companies have been quick to provide advice on how to manage during the COVID crisis or to offer free trials, we wanted to give our customers advanced analytical solutions – free of charge and no strings attached – to help them operate through these challenges. Now more than ever, businesses need concrete, continuous and actionable insights into sales and pricing to successfully navigate this market.”

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The Insights dashboards give organizations a structured way to see aggregate, macro trends while also providing the flexibility to drill-down into data to uncover insights and outliers. Sales Insights analyzes product and customer profitability and potential margin leakages. Using PriceAnalyzer functionality, Sales Insights includes the following dashboards:

  • Revenue and Margin – analyzes the relationship between revenue and margin percentage from different perspectives
  • Regional Revenue and Margin by geography – shows key performance indicators in a world or continental map
  • Outliers – analyzes the best and worst performing products and customers
  • Waterfall – shows the waterfall analysis with grouped adjustments
  • Waterfall Comparison – compares waterfall analysis per time, product or customer
  • Revenue Breakdown – shows the reasons of the difference in revenue between the two selected periods
  • Margin Breakdown –shows the reasons of the difference in margin between the two selected periods

“We believe that this initiative will add real, tangible, strategic value to our customers’ operations,” added Cichon. “It is our hope that these accelerators become a sustainable part of our customers’ daily pricing routine. We are thankful for the continued trust in Pricefx and the opportunity to help.”

Any customer of Pricefx who has Analytics as part of their subscription and has transactional data loaded in Pricefx is eligible to receive this offer, including distribution, installation and productive use, at no cost. Pricefx will also provide advice on the actionable use of the Sales Insights Accelerator, free of charge. Additional Accelerators are in development and will be available in the coming months.

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