Winmo Acquires Access Confidential to Deliver High-Quality B2B Sales Intelligence

Winmo, Together with Access Confidential, Would Provide the Advertising Market with the Mission-Critical New Business Intelligence They Need to Thrive

In a series of acquisitions, Winmo, a product of List Partners, has now acquired Access Confidential. With this acquisition, Winmo is further fortifying their position as the market-leading B2B sales intelligence provider to agencies and the wider advertising industry. The Access Confidential acquisition delivers on the company’s mission to provide the most comprehensive and forward-looking sales intelligence, empowering agency new business professionals to reach the right prospects, at precisely the right time. Winmo recently acquired Redbooks, too.

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A key resource for agency new business, Access Confidential’s agency database includes over 25,000 company profiles and 100,000 executive profiles with key contact information.

At the time of the announcement, Dave Currie, CEO of List Partners and Winmo, said, “We’re excited to combine our world-class B2B sales intelligence platform, Winmo, with Access Confidential’s industry renowned agency database to further accelerate our growth and provide the advertising market with the mission-critical new business intelligence they need to thrive.

While Access Confidential’s technology and support will continue uninterrupted, the consolidation of these two best-in-class resources will accrue significant benefits to customers, in the form of:

  • A broader network of new business support to help customers prospect more efficiently.
  • Increased investment in research and product development to fuel more comprehensive data gathering and strategic product integrations that fit into our customer’s daily workflow.
  • Access to new applications like WinmoTalk’s exclusive social sales community and WinmoEdge’s predictive intelligence.

Starting immediately, both teams will collaborate with customers and stakeholders, working to assess and integrate key technology and data from the respective platforms.

Lisa Colantuono, President of AAR Partners | Access Confidential noted, “With this move, our vision is to be the most indispensable tool for driving new business revenue for agencies, enabling customers to source qualified new leads, build new relationships and ultimately win more business in a much more efficient manner.”

Winmo Focused On Delivering the Highest Quality of Data and Sales Intelligence to B2B Teams

Winmo and Access Confidential will move forward as one company serving the same mission; to accelerate agency’s new customer growth by delivering the highest quality of data and sales intelligence in the world.

Historically, as two competing companies, Winmo and Access Confidential, have maintained offerings that, while overlapping, have been focused on different aspects of agency business development. Now, the combination of those different focuses will provide customers a holistic, best-in-class new business solution.

CEO Dave added, “While Winmo has strategically been focused on building a highly predictive platform that serves multiple markets in the advertising ecosystem, including martech, media, and sponsorship, Access Confidential has focused on deepening their agency focus and dataset. Combining these different focuses will strengthen our agency new business intelligence and bring tremendous value to our customers moving forward.”

In its earlier identity, Access Confidential empowered agency new business executives to prospect corporate marketers more efficiently and effectively.

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