Fanplayr Announces Personalized SMS for Brands

The addition of SMS marketing products positions Fanplayr as one of the only providers offering fully integrated Artificial Intelligence for e-commerce

Fanplayr, a leader in online behavioral personalization and artificial intelligence for the past 10 years, announced it will add Personalized SMS to its menu of products for targeting lead generation and online shoppers.

SMS (short message service) is an intuitive next step in the development of Fanplayr’s fully integrative approach to behavior personalization. Most companies begin by targeting customers on their website, then work with an ESP to push out offers and notifications via email. In the past, that data would need to be transferred and shared with a third-party SMS provider to send text messages and fully close the loop on customer experience and conversion.

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“Adding SMS will allow us to be fully integrative in our approach for customers,” says Simon Yencken, Founder and CEO of Fanplayr. “In the past we’ve worked with other providers to fill the SMS product need. Now, instead of sharing the data between providers, we’re able to service the client throughout the entire stream of interaction with their customer.” And it seems SMS marketing returns much better results than email marketing.

SMS marketing ads have on average a 90% open rate, a 45% conversion rate, and will be read within 90 seconds of deployment. (This far outperforms the response rate of 6% for email marketing.) Furthermore, smartphone owners use their phones for messaging more than making phone calls, with 70% of respondents pointing to messaging as a top function of their smartphone, ahead of phone calls (62%) and email (54%), according to a study from Axway.

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As consumers become more comfortable with text message interactions with brands, SMS tends to be more productive, and more expensive at the outset, than other products. Therefore, it’s critical to target the right people as narrowly as possible to return the most profitable results for the investment. Fanplayr’s full knowledge of a brand’s customer streams makes this optimization a reality.

“As we continue to develop more sophisticated customer streams, SMS is a critical part of Fanplayr being full-service for all our customers,” says Rajiv Sunkara, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Having the full picture of customer intentions, from first point of contact to closing each sale, sets Fanplayr apart from other providers who manage only one piece of the story. It gives our customers more actionable data, better insights, and has led to increased sales performance for all our customers.”

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