HCL Software Releases New Unica Discover, Delivering Deep Behavioral Insight Analytics

Consumer is the king, and Marketing technology platforms are closely analyzing their behavior to design a robust marketing strategy for the digital shopping space. Unica is leading the behavioral intelligence trend with its latest offering- Unica Discover. 

The definition of customer experience has changed dramatically in the last 6-8 months. Today’s customers favor a fine balance between physical and digital shopping experiences, often expecting high-value interaction wherever they spend their time. As customers switch preferences to shop online by virtue of readily adapting to the Internet of Things and by getting accustomed to the sustained omnichannel engagements, the impact is showing on the way customer behaviors are changing with evolving digital marketplaces. To help brands and those who study consumer behavior patterns, HCL Software has announced the availability of Unica Discover.

What is Unica Discover?

Unica Discover is a real-time enterprise-class digital experience analytics platform for website and mobile web app owners. It delivers behavioral insight analytics for an optimized web and mobile web experience as well as provides unique session-capture capabilities.

In light of the shift in consumer behavior, brands can use Unica Discover’s unique features to sync the most volatile factors that affect online shopping experiences — sentiment, behavior and product experience. Understanding the trends that impact consumers and their buying decisions using behavioral insights is the most solid foundation you can build for managing your customer profiles. Unica Discover does this in a proactive automated manner.

How Unica Discover Works?

Unica Discover integrates with HCL Software’s Unica Marketing Platform, HCL Digital Experience, and HCL Commerce. It also offers open integration with third-party martech, customer experience (CX), and commerce solutions for deep behavioral insight across the entire experience. Unica Discover can be used across industries in B2B, B2C, internal B2E intranet sites to improve customer experiences, assure compliance, and aid in reducing fraud. Additional functional templates within Discover’s application development environment offer shortened testing cycles, defect identification, and lower development costs.

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Unica Discover empowers enterprises to capture, replay and visualize the individual online user experience, which enables marketers to identify and address friction in their customer’s web or mobile web experience, both pro-actively and in real-time. Discover also delivers a complete and actionable view of the customer journey across channels through its easy integration of an organization’s digital ecosystem.

Key Unica Discover Features

Key capabilities include: 

  • Struggle Resolution – Identify pain points, leverage in-session messaging, and activate marketing recovery campaigns in real time.
  • Rich Behavior Insights – Capture and analyze behavioral data to improve user experience, deliver engagement analytics, and reduce time to ROI. 
  • Business Impact Analytics – Leverage user shopping data and site analytics to detect customer behavior changes, reveal revenue enhancement opportunities, and understand true business impact. 

This is achieved by gaining visibility into the user experience via session replay, diagnosing and helping to resolve customer struggle, and being able to proactively monitor and react when events of interest occur. Being able to quantify the impact of struggles and identify new opportunities for business growth helps to drive business success, and real time data export enables marketers to leverage behavioral data as it happens for in-session updates and marketing campaigns. 

At the time of Unica Discover’s release, Tony Arnold, Unica CMO and Head of Strategy said,

“Unica Discover is a great addition to the Unica brand and supports the extended needs of marketing. Marketers need more information than just macro level analytics, they need to understand the successes and challenges at every moment in every customer experience.”

Tony added, “With the unique capabilities of Unica Discover’s session capture capabilities, customers can leverage both deep insight analytics, but also replay and visualize the exact session of each customer. Other use cases include support of high risk & compliance and application development. Unica Discover, is so much more than just analytics.”

“Unica Discover offers the next level evolution of the Unica platform with an analytics solution that integrates with HCL Software’s CX products and other third-party martech, CX and commerce solutions within customer environments,” said Rajesh Iyer, Vice-President and General Manager of Unica at HCL Software. 

Rajesh added, “Discover has the unique ability to capture and process every session, in both online or intranet sites, to drive immediate ROI impact in traditional CX applications.  It also provides powerful audit and non-repudiation capabilities in regulated and risk-managed industries.  We are excited to offer Unica Discover to all our customers.”

Currently, Unica also provides martech solutions for marketing teams to build, execute and analyze their goal-based behavioral marketing campaigns. These include:

Unica Journey – Goal-based marketing orchestration to visualize, create, execute and measure personalized omnichannel customer experiences; 

Unica Deliver – Reliable and scalable messaging. Seamless integrated digital messaging solution, providing timely and personalized communications;

Unica Link – A fast and flexible integration platform with a low code, open, point and click integration framework for all your third-party touchpoints and martech. 

To learn more about Unica’s Enterprise Omnichannel Marketing solutions, click here.

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