dataplor Expands to 150 Million POIs in 100 Countries to Provide the Most Global Places Data

dataplor started in 2017 with a mission to map the local businesses of Mexico. Having rapidly expanded in the past year and on track to triple annual revenue, the company’s data now covers 100 countries and 150 million POIs.

For businesses looking to expand abroad, data on local commerce in developing markets uncovers untapped opportunity. Highly accurate and comprehensive POI data is helping the world’s largest companies inform site selection, increase efficiency, better target customers, and identify international markets ripe for new entrants.

dataplor plans to extend coverage to 150 countries by the end of 2022 to continue providing customers with accurate POI data in developing economies. While pursuing growth, the firm remains committed to maintaining accuracy across all of its locations.

dataplor has been able to grow in an industry with entrenched competitors because it goes several steps further than others to verify the accuracy of data abroad — in markets where the data peddled is often full of errors.

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Expanding coverage and data accuracy across the globe

Since March 2022, dataplor has doubled its total count of POIs, and its coverage has increased from 10 countries in Q2 2021 to 100 countries today, spanning Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The world’s largest tech, CPG, and financial services companies rely on the data company to understand global markets.

The leading factor behind dataplor’s swift growth is its multi-step data collection and verification process. By working with local experts to vet geospatial data, the firm closes gaps in machine errors with boots-on-the-ground verification to ensure its numbers truly reflect local businesses, which are always changing. This dynamic accuracy gives dataplor’s intelligence an edge over rivals who have accurate information for developed economies like the US but haven’t done the legwork to understand poorly mapped business geographies in, say, India or Brazil.

Tracking places attributes such as storefronts, industry types, and business hours, dataplor paints a picture of hyperlocal economies to reveal broader trends. POI data can uncover holes in local brick-and-mortar economies, highlighting regions, for example, where retailers or CPGs can increase sales and marketing efforts. POI data also reveals which chains and brands are growing or receding in certain areas, informing site selection.

With data still scant in many nations, dataplor plans to expand further to provide its customers the information they need country by country. And the company will deploy not just AI and ML for data collection and verification but also local experts to ensure it maintains its precision with each additional market.

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Tempering growth with conscientious upkeep

For a data intelligence firm dealing in local business information, keeping records up to date is a never-ending pursuit. From zip code changes to storefront closures, the work of maintaining accurate information in diverse markets continues.

As a sign of the company’s commitment to ensuring accuracy while pursuing growth, dataplor has increased its core team by 30%.

Dedicated to maintaining the infrastructure needed to ensure accuracy across locations old and new, dataplor is putting businesses on the map in international markets and lighting the way for companies looking to establish themselves abroad.

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