Environics Analytics and Snowflake Empower Canadian Tourism Industry with Faster and Better Data-Driven Insights

VisitorView Helps Tourism Organizations Better Understand Visitors and Maximize Marketing Budget Efficiency

Snowflake, the cloud data platform, announced Environics Analytics, one of North America’s leading marketing and analytical services companies, uses Snowflake to support faster processing of data that underpin many of its products, including the just-launched Canadian travel and tourism industry product, VisitorView.

“Our goal with Environics Analytics, as with every Snowflake customer, was to break down the data barriers preventing them from maximizing revenue, margins and overall efficiency”

Established in 2003, Environics Analytics specializes in providing organizations with proprietary data, purpose-built software and industry-focused analytics consulting. They help organizations of all sizes, and across every industry sector, to use data and analytics to better understand customers and markets via consumer insights (e.g., segmentation, profiles, personas) and location intelligence.

Using Snowflake to help process very large amounts of mobile location data, Environics Analytics created VisitorView and brought it to market in a significantly shorter period of time than it would have otherwise been feasible using alternative data solutions. VisitorView is helping the travel and tourism industry identify American neighborhoods whose residents have a high propensity to visit Canada to maximize the efficiency of their marketing spend.

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Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing feature, ease of use, and modern, flexible cloud-built architecture enabled Environics Analytics to process large datasets needed to create VisitorView. The product utilizes anonymous and aggregated mobile location data and provides users with insights into the volume of visitors to a specific location, their behaviors and preferences, lifestyle habits and much more. These insights help tourism organizations invest their marketing budgets more effectively, while also developing a more data-informed experience for visitors, based on their individual profiles.

“The R&D work we’re doing with the mobile location data for VisitorView just wasn’t possible with our previous systems. It was taking days to download and extract the data, which exceeds a hundred terabytes. With Snowflake, it takes minutes, resulting in huge time and cost savings,” said Peter Miron, Environics Analytics’ Senior Vice President, Research and Development. “Snowflake also helped us greatly reduce our time to market and overcome bottlenecks with data replication and storage.”

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Given the growing demand for data in every industry, Environics Analytics continues to investigate how Snowflake can help make their data development processes more efficient, focusing and maximizing their research and development resources on creating and delivering new data-driven products and services. They were also one of the first Snowflake Data Exchange partners, and are now able to securely share their demographic, segmentation, financial and other datasets to both existing clients and prospects in this new environment.

“Our goal with Environics Analytics, as with every Snowflake customer, was to break down the data barriers preventing them from maximizing revenue, margins and overall efficiency,” Snowflake VP of Product, Christian Kleinerman said. “It’s rewarding to hear that Snowflake’s secure, cloud-built data warehouse has helped Environics Analytics create new products, extend the distribution of its data, and continue to provide its customers with a truly data-driven marketing and analytics solution.”

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