IZEA and PlaceIQ Partner to Power Influencer Marketing Measurement With Location Data

IZEA Worldwide, Inc. is partnering with leading data and technology provider PlaceIQ, to bring real-world attribution to influencer marketing campaigns. PlaceIQ, the technology company using location data insights to craft a new model of consumer behavior – and IZEA, the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for leading brands, are working together to bridge the online/offline gap in media attribution.

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Even as states emerged from the depths of the pandemic, retailers were confronted with the new duality of curbside pickup and in-store visitation. They sought IZEA and PlaceIQ to help identify and reach the right customers – and to prove that those customers took offline action, resulting in campaigns that are driving measurable lift.

“Our clients want to measure their influencer marketing campaigns beyond total engagements.” said Tiffany Richardson, Director of Media & Partnerships at IZEA. “Partnering with PlaceIQ allows IZEA the ability to tell our clients not only what actions were taken on the influencer’s content, but also how many consumers took offline action, such as visiting our client’s store. This lower-funnel data is key to proving success and return on our client’s investments.”

When coupled with influencer paid media strategies, PlaceIQ location data methodologies allow a brand to match consumers who saw their content and went on-location to experience the brand within the following weeks. PlaceIQ can measure the actual percentage lift of on-location visits of consumers exposed to the media versus individuals not exposed by including control groups. PlaceIQ also has the ability to create custom audiences based on a consumer’s previous shopping trips to the brand or a competitive location, or recent habits indicating their comfort level in venturing out or staying in.  As consumers shop around for deals, continue to change their habits, have different needs and commutes, using data to understand their needs and reach them with relevant and valuable content is crucial.

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IZEA and PlaceIQ’s most recent marketing campaign drove over 30,000 in-store grocery visits which yielded an estimated $1.6M in grocery sales  – taking influencer feed impressions into the real world. Other applications of the partnership include targeting movie theatre visitors, frequent travelers, or restaurant loyalists with lifestyle influencer content.

“Using a deep understanding of your consumers’ preferences and current habits allows you to reach them with the proper messaging. We understand that shoppers are not returning right back to their pre-pandemic behaviors, and brands will need to meet them at their current comfort level to address their new needs,” said Eddie Smith, SVP of Revenue at PlaceIQ. “Working with IZEA allows us to help marketers navigate a post-pandemic world with the ability to measure real-world ROI.”

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