Optmyzr Expands Amazon Ads Capabilities Within Its Full Pay-Per-Click Management Suite

Marketing professionals can hit PPC goals faster while gaining greater control, insight, and efficiency with Amazon Ads

Effective pay-per-click marketing in 2021 requires marketing professionals to be more effective, efficient, and confident as they manage ads across multiple channels. Today Optmyzr is unveiling significant enhancements to its Amazon Ads management capabilities as part of the Optmyzr PPC Management Suite. New functionality puts greater automation and visibility into the hands of today’s PPC pro. Optmyzr now offers its Amazon Ads capabilities standalone or as part of the Optmyzr PPC Management Suite to work in conjunction with managing marketing programs.

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The new Optmyzr capabilities expand on existing bid management capabilities for Amazon Ads via Optmyzr Rule Engine. Today’s announcement showcases additional powerful capabilities within the Optmyzr system, allowing PPC pros to manage individual channels or multiple channels through one toolset. Rule engine strategies can be easily set up using a wizard-driven tool taking into account customizable thresholds against key marketing metrics. Powerful, advanced functionality allows the user to set the logic once and then Optmyzr does the work in the background.

The new Amazon Ads functionality also provides greater visibility through new dashboards that show a broader range of KPIs, including multi-account reporting. The expanded reporting is highly customizable, allowing the user to select from important metrics while offering easily crafted comparisons among campaigns and channels.

New highly customizable alert functions specific to Amazon Ads can be set to notify a PPC pro when account KPIs go off track or cross certain thresholds that require attention.

Optmyzr also created new Amazon Ads-specific controls for product and placement targeting to power up high-performing campaigns and prevent overspending on lower performing ones. This new functionality expands on the core Amazon Ads features in Optmyzr released in 2020, which use Rule Engine to manage bids and keywords within Amazon Ads campaigns and allow a PPC account manager to easily toggle ads on or off for rapid response. The new, expanded automation helps foster even greater efficiency.

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Optmyzr has also added new keyword management tools to help PPC account managers and AdOps experts uncover new keyword opportunities, providing ideas for positive and negative keywords and how to manage them specific to Amazon ads.

Finally, Automated Bid Management from Optmyzr – another expansion from the core Amazon Ads functionality released in 2020 – allows the PPC pro to spend more time focusing on strategy while Optmyzr automatically observes and adjusts bids in the background. This functionality has been a core element of the Optmyzr Suite for other channels, but now is available for Amazon Ads management within the same suite.

“Digital ad spending is now surpassing traditional ad spend across many areas of online retail, making PPC marketing pros more essential than ever,” said Frederick Vallaeys, co-founding CEO of Optmyzr. “We are committed to providing PPC pros with powerful automation layering tools that go beyond what’s available in the major advertising solutions. By making it possible to manage programs across channels from one tool, PPC pros can now be much more efficient and effective for the brands they represent.”

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