Contentsquare Announces New Partnership With Namogoo To Fill A Big Gap In The Analytics Space – Understanding The First-Time and Unknown Visitor


Namogoo’s segments will bolster retail, commerce, CPG, travel, marketplaces and fintech companies who are not leveraging the full potential of all site visitors

Contentsquare, the global leader in digital experience analytics, announced today a new partnership with Namogoo, the world’s first Digital Journey Continuity platform. The enhanced partnership and integration with Namogoo adds an unprecedented layer of contextual information to Contentsquare’s unique customer behavior insights, unlocking a greater understanding of digital customers, especially first-time and unknown site visitors – the majority of digital users these days.

Using a new generation of data points and segments that are unique in the industry and do not rely on cookies and visitor history, this integration allows businesses to build an even richer portrait of their customers, and to better understand why they browse the way they do.

Namogoo’s technology automatically gathers non-personal data on customer devices and commerce behavior, and the environment to help businesses understand the impact such variables have on the overall customer journey. From predicted lifetime value to probability of abandonment, via connection speed and device efficiency, Namogoo’s unique commerce-oriented data points and segments help paint a clearer picture of the customer. Combining these insights with Contentsquare’s holistic view of the digital customer experience allows teams to unlock a greater understanding of their digital visitors, fueling smarter optimization and more impactful personalization.

“What’s unique about this partnership is that it gives brands an unprecedented understanding of first-time and unknown visitors that relies on contextual CX insights rather than the information traditionally gleaned through customer profiling. For example, we can now understand whether first-time visitors are tech savvy or not, allowing businesses to create personalized experiences that are relevant to that particular segment,” said Gilad Zubery, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development & Partnerships at Contentsquare.

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“This integration is monumental for retail analytics as it gives an in-depth view into unknown visitors, their behavior, the devices they use, and the journeys they go through. Our segments & our predictions of the visitors’ intent, likelihood to buy and visit again or engage with the merchant’s actions – do not rely on personal data and on any history – they are unique in the market and give a great edge for the ones who use it. We’re excited about this next step in our partnership with Contentsquare which augments its Cookieless Experience Analytics Solution, and look forward to increased growth and customer satisfaction in the coming months,” said Ohad Greenshpan, CTO & Co-Founder of Namogoo.

With customer experience the key competitive differentiator today, understanding how high-value customers behave and what they expect from the online experience is critical to boosting customer happiness, building greater digital trust, and driving digital revenue growth. Namogoo’s partnership and integration with Contentsquare sheds light on digital visitor behavior, allowing brands to understand their digital audience better, identify gold populations that are proven to convert 50%-200% higher than other visitors, remove friction throughout the customer journey, and take smart action fast.

Following a 2020 partnership announcement, the two companies have been developing the partnership with a variety of leading retail and eCommerce brands. Today, Namogoo’s segments are built on 1.2 Billion unique monthly visitors, of the leading E-commerce and retail companies in the US and Europe. Contentsquare, meanwhile, analyzes 3,200 trillion customer interactions monthly to provide its clients with unique customer behavior insights.

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