Custora Releases New Customer Intelligence Platform to Drive Consumer Loyalty

Custora announced the release of Custora v10, the latest version of its customer intelligence platform designed to help retailers take control of critical customer challenges like churn, one-time buyer conversion, and promotion reduction.

Most retailers recognize that winning lasting customer loyalty is more essential than ever to their long-term survival. However, marketers often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of competing priorities and frustrated by an increasingly complex technology stack.

A marketing leader looking to convert more one-time buyers to repeat customers, for example, must typically navigate a tangle of ad hoc analytics, synchronize the efforts of different channel teams, harness a multitude of marketing technology tools, and cobble together reporting from many systems to gain visibility into results.

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With Custora v10, the same marketing leader has an interface custom-built to benchmark performance against industry peers, set company-wide one-time buyer conversion goals, automatically distribute AI-powered insights to different teams, launch and monitor strategies across channels, and track team-wide progress.

“It’s easy to talk the talk about being ‘customer centric,’ but it can be a very fluffy concept,” said Mike Relich, Chief Operating Officer of Lucky Brand, a beta customer of Custora v10. “Custora’s latest launch really helps us take control and mobilize around critical customer initiatives like reducing attrition and converting one-time buyers.”

Under the hood, Custora works by unifying a retailer’s disparate sources of customer data, mining for predictive insights on each individual customer, and integrating with marketing channels to help marketers improve the relevance of each customer touchpoint. The Custora v10 release offers retailers end-to-end solutions designed to vastly accelerate organizations’ progress on critical customer loyalty challenges.

“Our vision with v10 was to provide marketing leaders a first-of-its-kind ‘command center’ for addressing critical customer initiatives,” commented Corey Pierson, co-founder and CEO of Custora.

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“There’s no email widget out there that can solve customer churn. Doing so requires building a data-driven strategy, and mobilizing disparate teams and tools to execute it. We’re excited to have built the first software capable of giving marketing leaders this power.”

“Using Custora’s v10 release, we’re able to track progress against our goals and root cause challenges across channels and product lines. It has also allowed VENUS to put high-performing strategies in place to boost cross-season retention. It provides an immediate impact when it comes to managing customer lifetime value,” says Henry Ferris, Director of Marketing at Venus Fashion.

“It’s uncommon to find marketing tech partners focused on sustainable long-term growth,” says Vadim Grinberg, VP Consumer Growth & Insight at fast-growing handbag brand Dagne Dover. “Custora v10 distills the retail and customer value management expertise—knowing where to focus and how to move the needle—that’s made Custora a partner in building a strong long-term business.”

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