D4t4 Solutions Adds Nearly 100 Automated Marketing Signals To The Celebrus Customer Data Platform

Automated Marketing Signals Now Available for Celebrus CDP Customers in Travel and Hospitality, Telecommunications, and Healthcare

D4t4 Solutions Plc, a leading innovator in customer data, management, and analytics, today added nearly 100 new preconfigured Automated Marketing Signals (AMS) to the Celebrus Customer Data Platform (CDP). These additions mean Celebrus CDP customers in travel and hospitality, telecommunications, and healthcare can now take advantage of AMS to convert more customers with highly personalized, real-time content.

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Powered by advanced machine learning and natural language processing, AMS automates the detection of customer behaviors that indicate a heightened propensity to convert — such as visiting a particular web page or showing evidence of a recent life event like getting married or buying a home. Already available for banking and insurance customers since May 2020, this innovation enables genuine 1-to-1, real-time personalization of content based on an individual’s profile – and the Celebrus CDP can even uniquely persist profiles to provide insights for anonymous users.

AMS works by including signals derived from customers’ current session and past insights gained from text inputted on any channel or device, making it useful for a wide range of applications including creating unique retargeting ad campaigns, preventing customer churn and generating upsell opportunities.

“From reading product reviews or clicking on ads, every customer interaction offers valuable insight. But to the extent that organizations today measure customer intent at all, most use rigid rules that require a high degree of manual oversight. There’s simply too many digital touchpoints for marketers to measure and manage in real-time. More sophisticated organizations may be able to glean glimpses of intent by drilling into web or campaign data for a given reporting period, but by then, they may have already missed valuable opportunities to understand and convert potential customers,” said Bill Bruno, Deputy CEO of D4t4 Solutions. “We’re excited about the opportunity to expand Automated Marketing Signals to additional industries with the launch of new models for telecommunications, healthcare, and travel and hospitality.”

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Using AMS, telecommunications service providers can identify customers who are interested in new broadband services, want to buy a new phone or tablet, need customer support, or are considering terminating their accounts. Likewise, travel and hospitality organizations can easily identify customers who are comparing flights, hotels, and tour packages. And healthcare providers can identify — in a privacy-compliant way — visitors who are interested in booking an appointment or wish to be contacted for a follow-up, for example.

With the use of lightweight data sets, AMS is also designed for easy connection with commonly used enterprise decisioning and real-time interaction management (RTIM) platforms. Furthermore, Celebrus preprocesses intent signals for downstream applications, such as Teradata and Pegasystems, to support faster response times for connected artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to drive hyper-personalization at scale.

“Better data pumped faster into a decision-making brain is the fuel for hyper-personalization. Smart organizations are taking advantage of software like Celebrus to automate the consolidation and analysis of customer data to determine intent, in turn powering greater personalization opportunities,” said Vince Jeffs, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Marketing AI & Decisioning at Pegasystems. “Celebrus helps filter out the noise and contextualize data, providing valuable signals to aid marketing and customer experience teams using Pegasystems.”

Since the feature’s launch in May 2020, Automated Marketing Signals have been adopted by some of the world’s largest banks to identify billions of actionable intent signals. In addition, Celebrus now ships with more than 200 preconfigured Automated Marketing Signals across industries, and Celebrus customers can fully customize existing Automated Marketing Signals to fit additional use cases.

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