Mastek Partners With Lytics for Customer Data Activation and Personalization

Mastek is partnering with Lytics to enable D2X (Direct to Stakeholder) transformation for their mutual clients.

Mastek Inc. is partnering with Lytics to enable D2X (Direct to Stakeholder) transformation for their mutual clients. This partnership will help customers realize omnichannel D2X communications or interactions that build loyalty, improve the customer experience and help to increase sales. This is achieved through leveraging a popular martech technology called the Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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Lytics Decision Engine is a real time processing engine within the CDP which combines batch data and streaming data to predict and generate segments of lookalike audiences for accurate, targeted marketing. Lytics has long offered this SaaS CDP with natural language processing, predictive AI/ML, and omnichannel personalization and activation.

Lytics Cloud ConnectTM easily activates cloud data warehouse information within the enterprise without requiring the data to be moved to, or housed in, only the CDP. This results in a secure ecosystem of interconnected repositories of data, such as accounts, customers, products, and sales information. Lytics Cloud ConnectTM also provides value by adding a query capability to reach across multiple cloud vendors, query data, and true-up a variety of insights, including customer lifetime value (LTV) or more tactical insights such as the number product returns or trip cancellations within a period of time.

Mastek team members have extensive experience in advising clients on their D2X data and customer engagement strategy and in helping clients realize the strategic benefits of various data platforms and tools. These strategies include integration with and activation of combined CDP and data warehouse data to enable advanced marketing and customer engagement strategies.

“Customers are not in the business of moving their data warehouse from place to place or trying to keep enterprise data warehouse locations in sync, which is why Lytics’ Cloud ConnectTM goes where the customer has chosen to house their secure, single source of truth,” says James McDermott, Lytics’ CEO. “We’re looking forward to this partnership with Mastek to help advice mutual clients on how to best activate their data.”

“Mastek is looking forward to our partnership with Lytics. Partnering with CDP providers such as Lytics will enable our customers to benefit from combining the advantages of both their CDP and enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to enable a more secure, integrated and holistic approach to D2X engagement and transformation,” says Raman Sapra, President Americas, Mastek.

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“Lytics is very excited to partner with the enterprise data SMEs at Mastek to help customers combine their first, second and third party data in order to deliver the ultimate, unified digital experience,” says Sean Browning, Lytics’ VP of Partnerships.

“Mastek is looking forward to partnering with Lytics to help customers enable D2X transformation and to gain more out of their data warehouse & CDP investments. I truly believe that together we can enable our customers to deliver superior customer activation & personalization through leveraging their investments in customer data,” says John Romney, AVP of D2X Americas, Mastek.

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