Avex Market Updates Safety of Funds Mechanism

Avex Market review - 5 things you should know about avexmarket.comGrowing concerns voiced by digital asset experts have affected this market lately, but reputed online e-commerce brand Avex Market has announced that it is taking measures to further ensure safety of client funds. According to the company, protocols have been updated and security features have been implemented on top of the technology already in place. Furthermore, traders should not feel these upgrades at all, as they will not impact the speed and accuracy of the platform.

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“We would like to emphasize that this step we’re taking is completely proactive,” remarked Mark Gisp, spokesperson for Avex Market. “We have not been having any security issues, but we are doing this in order to stay one step ahead of the dangers – and our competitors. We have always done and will always do everything in our power to protect the funds and the privacy of our valued customers. That has been a core element of our client-centric approach from day one”

A brand you can trust

Digital tokens as a whole, and Bitcoin specifically, have been under scrutiny, mainly due to the increased volatility of the market, as well as several recent cases in which digital tokens served as a means of ransom. Hence, the goal behind this measure taken by Avex Market is to negate the fear factor, as a deterrent from exploring the potential of this market.

“We want our clients to know that when they choose to entrust their funds with us, they are operating in a worry-free environment,” added Gisp, “and that they can focus their attention solely on crypto, which is what they came for. We invite all of our clients, as well as people interested in registering with us, to read our policies on the website, and to get in touch with our representatives if they have any questions regarding this issue, or others.”

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