Navigate a Cookie-Less World With SAS Real-Time CDP Capabilities

Companies are using SAS to move beyond traditional CDP platforms to jump-start personalization and increase the value of their first-party data.

Rapid digital transformation in 2020 has resulted in a hybrid customer engagement model that is changing how brands shape, manage and deliver superior customer experiences (CX). Throw in the loss of the third-party cookie and marketers must double down on the data they do have: their own first-party data. SAS’ unique real-time customer data platform (CDP) capabilities help brands meet these challenges, deriving real intelligence from first-party data and acting with the speed and agility necessary to meet customer expectations in a new world of self-guided, self-directed co-operative experiences.

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SAS’ CDP capabilities help brands use intelligence from first-party data to deliver superior customer experiences

“If your data infrastructure isn’t fast and flexible enough to keep up with your customers as they hop from one marketing channel to the next and one departmental interaction to the next, you will never deliver an end-to-end customer experience,” said Gerry Murray, Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC. “It takes an enterprise ecosystem to aggregate, analyze and activate customer data in real time. SAS delivers powerful capabilities in all three areas to empower data-driven innovation across the business.”

In the study Experience 2030: Pulse Report conducted by Futurum Research and sponsored by SAS, 73% of brands believe that the future of CX is in real-time data collection and analysis. Futurum Research calls this “the need for speed” – speed to detection of consumer-initiated online events, speed to analysis of behavior and speed to intelligent reactions. The SAS CDP helps brands collect, analyze and activate first-party data in real time, instantly embedding insights into customer-facing systems to create value in consumer engagement and business models.

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“Traditional CDPs fill a gap in the marketers toolkit, enabling the ingestion of data from multiple sources; managing customer identities; creating audience segments and provisioning data and insights to the martech stack. But that is not enough in today’s world where customer engagement is constantly evolving and marketers need to change on a dime to keep up with expectations,” said Lisa Loftis, Principal Product Marketer for CDPs at SAS. “Losing the data provided by the third-party cookie places an even higher emphasis on these real-time CDP capabilities – what we call beyond CDP. Because despite the fact that Google has pushed back their plans to phase out third-party cookies until 2023 – these will be going away. And the sooner the planning starts for this, the better off companies will be.”

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