RedPoint Global Takes The Lead As The Most Comprehensive Customer Data Platform In CDP Institute Vendor Comparison Report

Company Leads Top 24 Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vendors as the Only Platform to Provide All Features and Capabilities Measured by the CDP Institute

RedPoint Global, a top provider of customer data platform and customer engagement technology, announced that it has been positioned as the most comprehensive customer data platform in the CDP Institute Vendor Comparison Report. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute is a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data. Their CDP Vendor Comparison Report presents a side-by-side comparison of key features that differentiate customer data platform vendors. In this report, RedPoint Global was revealed to have the most extensive offering—outperforming all other 23 vendors evaluated. Of the companies assessed by the CDP Institute, RedPoint Global was the only vendor that met the criteria for every single capability and feature measured in the report.

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Dale Renner

“Some of the world’s best-known brands have been using the RedPoint Customer Data Platform long before ‘customer data platform’ was in vogue. The unique flexibility and single point of control we give enterprises of their data is the result of years of careful design to help brands meet the needs of the always-on consumer. We believe that our position as the most comprehensive customer data platform in this report underscores our mission to enable brands to transform their customer experience by offering contextually-relevant, personalized experiences across all touchpoints,” said Dale Renner, Chief Executive Officer at RedPoint Global.

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In today’s always-on world, brands need to provide superior customer experiences to compete and succeed. Customer data platforms underpin the customer experience transformation and have seen a surge of interest in the market as a result. The number of CDP vendors more than doubled in 2017, and the industry has attracted $270 million in new funding in just the past year according to the CDP Institute Industry Report.

To transform the customer experience, brands must have a customer data platform that provides accurate data at the speed and scale required across all enterprise touchpoints, so that the best information is available to make the best decisions at the point of customer engagement. The RedPoint Customer Data Platform provides the most powerful set of advanced data ingestion, integration, data quality, identity resolution, matching, and master data management (MDM) capabilities available on the market today. Using RedPoint’s probabilistic and deterministic matching algorithms, brands can create a RedPoint Golden Record: a singular, accurate, and continuously updated enterprise view of each customer that is maintained with a persistent key.

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In sharp contrast, a majority of customer data platform vendors are unable to process all data, including batch and streaming data, along with 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Most CDP vendors simply provide data assembly, or a combination of data assembly and analytics functions, and are not built for the performance and scale required to operationalize data across the enterprise.

RedPoint’s data-first customer engagement solution is far more comprehensive, rigorous, and flexible than anything else on the market. With RedPoint, enterprises realize higher revenue productivity with an outstanding marketing program and campaign performance, lower customer interaction costs, and improved customer retention and loyalty.

RedPoint Global is a founding member and gold sponsor in the Customer Data Platform Institute’s 2016 launch and is a founding member and gold sponsor of the Customer Data Platform Institute Europe launch set to take place next month.

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