SessionM Deploys Capabilities to Help Marketers Maximize the Benefits of Their Data Management Platform

Targeted Digital Advertising and Look-A-Like Acquisition Campaigns Lead to New Customer Acquisition for Brands

SessionM, the leading customer engagement and loyalty platform, has announced that it is providing data management platforms (DMPs) with loyalty and engagement data to further strengthen their ability to target known and unknown customers with highly personalized campaigns and advertising across all media channels.

By combining the declared, observed and calculated data captured by the SessionM Platform with a DMP, brands are now able to execute robust digital advertising campaigns and look-a-like targeting to acquire new customers. With first-party data, attributes and segments enriching DMP data, companies can build more targeted audiences for paid media channels. The advanced segmentation capabilities of SessionM and the powerful targeting prowess of a DMP also significantly reduce wasted ad spend and create higher match rates, leading to notable marketing results.

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“The SessionM Platform is world-class in terms of understanding the unique points of motivation and sensitivity for each individual existing customer,” said Patrick Reynolds, chief marketing officer at SessionM. “We are now able to interject those insights into DMPs and other acquisition tools to identify others who match those characteristics, rapidly expanding the overall pie by imbuing those systems’ third-party data with our first-party intelligence. At the same time, the confluence of technologies throws open the aperture of how and where you can engage existing customers. Businesses will engage existing customers at risk of churn across the web, for instance, outside of just within ‘owned channels.’ This is very much a ‘1+1=3’ innovation.”

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SessionM has unlocked an unprecedented view of the consumer profile, further allowing brands to take action based on metrics including customer recency, frequency and lifetime value. Additionally, bringing loyalty data to paid media allows companies to keep their rewards program top of mind. For example, brands are able to better target loyalty members who haven’t made a transaction in the last 30 days. Passing data from SessionM to a DMP will enable paid media to drive customers back to the funnel for conversion online or in-store.

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