Data Monetization in the Power and Utilities Industry, Forecast to 2030

In today’s data-driven economy, data is a strategic asset to any business, and organizations around the world are occupied with anomalous amounts of data. The analyst expects that the volume of data created would reach 175 Zettabytes (ZB) by 2025.

Driven by this explosive growth in data and technological advancements in Big Data and computing, many businesses have now realized the value that data would unlock and are currently exploring ways to monetize their available data. The global data monetization market is in its nascent stages as organizations are still figuring out how best to mine, manage and monetize the data they create.

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Strong growth is forecast across a number of industry verticals, as better monetization combined with greater data has an impact.Data monetization (DM) is the process of generating revenue from the available data by transforming it into a meaningful coherent whole. The process of DM can be carried out in 2 ways: directly and indirectly. In direct monetization, data is sold in its raw form or in chunks, without any processing, while indirect monetization involves the processing of data to extract insights or create value-added services that can be used to support business decisions.As mentioned earlier, monetization of data across different business verticals is still at its early stages and there are significant regulatory and reputational barriers to overcome. Organizations will need to build a deep understanding of privacy and regulatory compliance requirements for utilizing the data and need to choose the right path towards DM.Like any other businesses, the global energy and utilities industry is in the midst of a transformation driven by 3D’s – Decentralization, Digitalization and Decarbonization. These 3 trends are disrupting the way in which electricity is generated, transmitted and consumed by end-users. As the energy and utilities industry continues to rapidly transform, massive amounts of data are continuously generated, and the area of DM is increasingly becoming a critical topic for the industry.Other factors include regulatory compliance, data privacy, consumer protection, and security protocols.

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This study provides insights into DM across the energy and utilities industry and its adoption across 3 main segments (power generation, demand side management and infrastructure and asset management) in the industry. The study includes the following:

  • In the first part, it explores the concept of DM in general and the different business models and their adoption across different business verticals with use case examples.
  • In the second part, it offers insights into the current state of the global utilities and energy industry, the key consumers who would be interested in the data from this market, and the 3 main segments within the industry.
  • The last part includes insights into each of the segments, and use cases related to the monetization of data across each segment.

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