Raises $22M in Seed Round From Grove Ventures, Eclipse Ventures for Its ‘Data Plumbing’ Platform

Funds will bolster key business functions as launches data-management omniplatform designed to help legacy industries leverage their data and generate business insights in mere hours, an Israeli data-management omniplatform, announces the completion of its seed funding round led by Grove Ventures, with ongoing participation from Eclipse Ventures, a founding stakeholder in The company plans to use the funds to expand its R&D, marketing, and sales efforts and lay the groundwork for a U.S. expansion. also unveils today its core product, a DataOps platform designed to help enterprises and small businesses quickly build and deploy complex dataflow infrastructures, reducing the time needed to start generating actionable business insights from weeks to hours.

While data holds immense potential for businesses looking to bolster their operations with analytical insights and predictive models, the transition into the era of Big Data is not going as smoothly for many companies as they had hoped. Many enterprises and small businesses, especially those engaged in fields that were traditionally relatively low-tech, are lagging behind in adopting a data-driven approach. This hinders their growth and makes innovating with data one of the core priorities for holding the competitors at bay.

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“Hundreds of companies are yet to learn how to use data for generating business value”

To help businesses tap their full potential with data, is building an all-around dataflow-management omniplatform that will empower companies to build their data infrastructures in a way that can retrieve and process complex data in hours—not weeks or months—letting data scientists focus on actual science, not loading and cleaning up messy data. The company will use the funds to expand its research and development, step up its hiring, and establish a foothold in the U.S.’s dataflow management solution enables users to design their data pipelines through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform supports a wide variety of automated, advanced data transformations that can be performed without writing a single line of code. It is easy to integrate with any existing business processes and databases, and can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. The solution is built with maximum data privacy in mind. simplifies and automates data collection and processing to let analysts focus on value as opposed to wrangling with data.

“Hundreds of companies are yet to learn how to use data for generating business value,” says Ronen Korman, Founder and Co-CEO. “What’s keeping them down is just how much time and investment it takes to develop and deploy a full-fledged comprehensive data infrastructure. Our solution eliminates this problem by making dataflow design as simple and intuitive as it gets. Its users can focus on their business needs as the platform delivers them all the data they need for their decision-making, taking care of all the heavy lifting involved in the process. We believe that the success of the next industrial revolution is directly related to companies’ ability to get the most out of their data and enable them to do so with reduced reliance on large and expensive software development entities.”

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“We are thrilled to have the backing of leading VC firms behind us,” says Asaf Cohen (Pizzer), Founder and Co-CEO. “It is energizing to see people put their faith and trust into your ideas and vision, and we warmly welcome and appreciate their support. Their investments give us extra momentum as we build the platform that helps any business become as data-savvy as Google and Facebook. Using our platform, businesses, especially those from non-tech fields, will be able to generate insights and gain new value at lightning-fast speed while keeping the focus on their main operations.”

“We are delighted to support on its mission to make data accessible to businesses,” says Lior Handelsman, General Manager at Grove Ventures. “We believe that being able to tap data for deep operational insights will be one of the key challenges for companies, and that’s easy to integrate and user-friendly solution is exactly what they need to fast-track their journey to success.”

“Organizations across the public and private sectors undergoing digital transformation find themselves drowning in data,” said Lior Susan, Founding Partner at Eclipse. “These organizations historically haven’t had the resources of tech giants like Apple or Google to build operating systems that provide high-level frameworks for data integration and app interoperability. Now they do.”

From their time as decorated leaders of intelligence units in the Israeli military, Korman and Cohen were uniquely qualified to build that next-generation DataOps platform. So, as part of Eclipse’s strategy to build companies that can produce foundational technologies for industry, Susan partnered with them to launch in late 2020.

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