OpenBOM Partners with vdR Group To Bring Advanced Low-Code Enterprise Application Integrations

OpenBOM partners with vdR Group to provide advanced enterprise integrations with ERP, PLM, and CRM via vdR Nexus platform using Nexus Workflows and Transaction Templates

OpenBOM, a leading SaaS digital product data management, and collaboration platform announces a partnership with vdR Group to deliver enterprise connectivity for OpenBOM customers using vdR Nexus platform. OpenBOM develops SaaS PDM and PLM products to help manufacturing companies to solves the pervasive problems related to data management, data silos, and communication inside of a company and across supply chains. OpenBOM allows users to manage data, files, and related changes across engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, contractors, and suppliers regardless of organizational and geographic boundaries.

“OpenBOM partnerships with vdR unlocks the large group of integrations with PLM, ERP, CRM, and other platforms delivered by the vdR Nexus platform. The power of vdR connectivity and fully customizable Nexus transaction templates allows simplifying OpenBOM delivery to manufacturing companies to exchange information and make transactions seamlessly without interruptions” says Oleg Shiovitky, CEO and co-founder of OpenBOM. “vdR experience and rich set of integrations allows streamlining OpenBOM deliver to all sizes of companies to streamline data handover and cross-functional business processes”

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Eliminating silos is disruptive, and it is extremely important to provide “unifying efforts” of seamlessly connected applications. The vdR Nexus solution is delivering an “environment bonding” platform linking data says Martin van der Roest, CEO of vdR Group

Nexus is an enterprise connectivity solution that has been designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of companies engaged in engineering and manufacturing. By facilitating the digital thread across disparate silos of data, Nexus ultimately helps organizations meet delivery commitments, lower the cost of quality, and achieve profit margin goals.

To support these lifecycle stages, organizations have long recognized the value of acquiring and implementing “best of breed” applications. There is no one-size-fits-all for handling the ERP requirements for a manufacturer. Companies with multiple manufacturing facilities and distribution channels will have ERP needs far different from a single facility/single product manufacturer. Moreover, if organizations cannot find an off-the-shelf option, they will build out their own platforms to meet their unique business requirements. The reality of standalone applications or “silos of data” is inescapable.

Eliminating silos is disruptive and often impractical, and it is extremely important to provide “unifying efforts” of seamlessly connected applications. The vdR Nexus solution Is delivering “environment bonding” platform linking data in OpenBOM and other platforms and tools” says Martin van der Roest, CEO of vdR Group. Nexus leaves applications as-is, connect and/or binds the various applications together, and orchestrates the exchange of data and files.

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