DealSignal Unveils Platform Enhancements and New GDPR Risk Assessment Module

Marketers Can Now Quickly Assess Their GDPR Risk and Establish Account Controls for Data Compliance in DealSignal’s On-demand Contact Data Platform

Recently at the SiriusDecisions 2018 Summit, DealSignal Inc., the leading On-demand Contact Data Platform for B2B Marketing and Sales, unveiled a new product module to help marketers quickly assess their risk ahead of the May 25th General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline.

“B2B marketers are faced with many challenges today: identify and engage their total audience, try to keep their audience data fresh and accurate, and comply with new regulations like GDPR. Given the negative consequences associated with GDPR, most marketers are scrambling to review and re-verify the location and status of their contacts. Our GDPR Risk Assessment module can help teams quickly enrich their spotty CRM data with accurate contact locations and flag EU-based leads and contacts for further action,” said DealSignal Founder & CEO, Rob Weedn.

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Because the majority of CRM data is woefully incomplete and inaccurate, marketers have no idea where their contacts are actually located, so they face huge risk under GDPR, as well as Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)—even if they’re not actively marketing to companies based in those regions.

Using a unique combination of AI, APIs, robots, and professional data researchers to ensure the industry’s highest B2B coverage, match rates, and accuracy, the DealSignal platform can help B2B marketers quickly enrich their CRM and marketing automation data with accurate contact location details so teams can properly assess their GDPR risk. DealSignal’s latest release also includes built-in account controls to ensure future compliance as marketers use the platform for on-demand contact data discovery, enrichment, and verification.

DealSignal helps B2B demand generation and sales teams increase conversions from account-based marketing (ABM) and sales outreach by providing 100 percent guaranteed fresh and accurate contact and account data, on demand. It’s your total audience, perfected. Using your fine-grained personas and ideal customer profile, the DealSignal On-Demand Contact Data Platform can provide a TAM analysis, as well as contact discovery, enrichment and verification, so your team will have all the data needed to effectively personalize their outreach.

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