Digital Element Announces Nodify Threat Intelligence Solution

Solution provides rich context surrounding VPN traffic, enabling security professionals to make smart decisions to protect their infrastructure and data

Digital Element, the global IP geolocation and audience insights leader, announced the launch of Nodify™, a threat intelligence solution designed to help security professionals respond to the recent changes in the VPN market, and the threats they pose to corporate and government networks and data. Nodify provides critical context surrounding VPN traffic, enabling cybersecurity teams to understand the level of threat such traffic poses, as well as set policy around that traffic.

Over the past few years, a plethora of VPN providers have entered the market, including high-end premium services and residential VPN proxy services, which seek to harvest the IP addresses of consumers who come through home residential IP address connections. Additionally, some VPNs offer features favored by nefarious actors, such as no-logging, anonymous payments, and come from regions of the world known to be hotspots for bad behavior.

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To help security professionals assess VPN traffic, Nodify delivers key contextual insight, including VPN classification (masked, public, private), provider’s name/URL, whether the provider allows for user anonymity and logs user activity, IP addresses related to a provider, languages of the target market of the VPN provider, and more.

This context allows security professionals to differentiate between extremely risky VPN connections and more benign ones. This insight, in turn, allows them to protect revenue streams by determining which transactions pose a risk, and prevent bad actors from infiltrating or hijacking their systems by identifying anonymized connections. Nodify also helps professionals protect against corporate espionage by ensuring inbound and outbound connections are not from a VPN, proxy or darknet.

“VPN usage exploded during the pandemic, and it continues to grow. While not all VPN usage is nefarious, enough of it is to warrant security professionals to look more closely at the VPN traffic that hits their networks,” said Jerrod Stoller, President of Digital Envoy, parent company of Digital Element. “Nodify builds on Digital Element’s expertise in IP intelligence data, and is an example of our commitment to innovation and delivering richer IP contextual data that can be applied to a wider range of use cases. In this example, Nodify allows our clients to consider the implications of VPN data, and make decisions about who can and cannot access their networks, and implement rules to enforce their policy decisions.”

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