New Privacy Compliance Product: Only Comprehensive Solution For Monitoring And Blocking Non-compliant Creatives In Real Time; Insulates Publisher Reputation And Liability

In the race to further protect the $50-billion-plus programmatic advertising industry from bad actors, Confiant, on the fourth year anniversary of being the first company to introduce a technology that detects and blocks malvertising in real time, has launched its Privacy Compliance Product. Rogue actors have not been waiting for the forthcoming “Cookiepocalypse” — they are already using illicit means to track and target a publisher’s audience. More threats and higher fines have made compliance top of mind for the entire adtech industry.

The Confiant Privacy Compliance Product is the advertising industry’s first solution that offers real time GDPR and CCPA compliance monitoring across all creatives served: it is built to encompass the evolving privacy laws by reporting on consent violations regardless of the tracking mechanism used. Consent has been established as a de facto digital currency, and the compliance risks will only increase the longer the industry lacks accurate reporting of what is actually occuring in the trillion impressions served.

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While some Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) employ page scanning robots to detect a sample of non-compliant tracking, Confiant’s privileged integrations into the adtech ecosystem give its Privacy Compliance Product the ability to accurately track the actors present in the full breadth of demand flowing on to a Publisher’s site. Confiant’s system assesses individual creatives in real time and identifies, reports and blocks rogue actions such as browser fingerprinting and consent tampering. With privacy regulations continuously evolving and in various stages of implementation around the globe, the publishing industry is operating within an increasingly regulated marketplace but without the tools to verify the compliance for which they have legal liablility. The Confiant team has built a law agnostic solution that automatically adjusts to the applicable legal framework governing user engagement, enabling it to introduce the seminal industry solution that ensures compliance with existing and future regulations.

“Privacy compliance is an existential risk to the programmatic industry, and publishers are now the most legally vulnerable . Without accurate data, there is no ability to verify, and without verification there is no compliance,” said Louis-David Mangin, CEO and Co-Founder of Confiant Inc. “Our Privacy Compliance Product identifies all tracking that occurs when an ad renders, ties all activity to a specific entity, and provides a detailed risk assessment for each tracking entity. Powered by best-in-class technology and a dedicated Privacy Engineering team, our solution can automatically block non-compliant ads and contain bad actors, thus securing the privacy of users and protecting publishers from legal liabilities and reputational damage.”

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Confiant invented the adtech industry’s first effective way to deal with malicious ads in 2017, and that technology has since become the industry standard . Now, this same team is neutralizing the threat of rogue tracking. The Confiant Privacy Compliance Product insulates against such tracking, protecting users and publishers from the potential harm embedded within the trillions of impressions generated each year.

Confiant is launching its Privacy Compliance Product with a free trial and early-bird pricing through July 31. In an environment where user loss is revenue loss, where privacy regulations are multiplying and infringements becoming costlier, ensuring accurate consent will remain one of the adtech industry’s most pressing concerns.

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