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RingLead Launches New DataExchange — A Faster and Smarter Way to Tap into the Power of the World’s Leading Data Providers

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Now with personalized experiences, navigation, and recommendations, as well as embedded RingLead University learning, the DataExchange makes it easier than ever for customers to discover the right data providers for their business. Nearly 90 percent of RingLead customers are using data providers from the DataExchange, with more than 1 billion contact and account records enriched and processed through RingLead’s platform to date

RingLead, the leading provider of data management solutions for CRMs and MAPs, announced The DataExchange, empowering companies to find 3rd party data sources that meet unique business requirements. The DataExchange is designed to bring together innovative data providers that, when combined with RingLead’s open and scalable data quality platform, will enable enterprises to enrich, validate, normalize, segment, dedupe, link, and route, all within one workflow.

“We’re flipping the historically painful process of buying and connecting data on its head,” said John Kosturos, Chief Product Officer, RingLead.

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“Paired with RingLead’s data quality platform, users of The DataExchange can now take the data they need, ingest it into a batch process, a real-time import, web submission, or a manually created record.”

The DataExchange allows users to pick and choose only the data they need based on a searchable catalog of data providers. Users can then continuously feed this data into their internal systems seamlessly and intelligently with RingLead’s data quality platform, reducing bad data, while maximizing the value of the external data. RingLead’s endpoints include web submission, list import, manual entry, and triggers. When RingLead processes a new record, it automates data normalization, segmentation, duplicate prevention, enrichment, validation, lead-to-account linking, and routing. Without RingLead, a typical user would have to string together 8 to 9 different platforms to automate these processes.

Select data vendors who meet a set of criteria may apply to become part of The DataExchange. The DataExchange offers a defined growth path for vendor success designed uniquely to support the vendor’s strengths.

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Features and benefits of The DataExchange include:

A free, SEO tuned page listing complete with company overview, description of capabilities and offerings, attribute catalog, integration documentation, resources, and crowd-sourced reviews.

Co-marketing opportunities including blogs, ebooks, social media, case studies and sponsorship at events like RingLead User Group (RUG) and Data Heroes Conference 2020 to expand the reach.

Sales enablement activities and events such as demo days, field office engagement, co-branded collateral, and training to facilitate direct interaction between RingLead and partner representatives.

Ongoing engagement and transparency including monthly check-ins with a dedicated RingLead support representative and usage reports with insight into traffic to your listing.

The introduction of The DataExchange reinforces RingLead’s data-first approach to business and unwavering commitment to empowering businesses, not only with the leading data quality platform but now, the ability to painlessly find, connect and structure the data they need to scale. Through transparency, community, and education around data, RingLead continues to strive to be the most trusted data quality platform for every business.

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