Sesame Software Announces High-Volume Data Connector for ServiceNow, Providing Connectivity Across All Platforms

Sesame Software’s Data Management Platform, Relational Junction, provides ServiceNow users with end-to-end connectivity to modernize the customer experience

Sesame Software, the innovative leader in Enterprise Data Management and creator of Relational Junction, announced its high-volume data connector for ServiceNow — accelerating customer Initiatives across cloud data warehouse, integration, and analytics.

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Managing a full stack of various technology platforms makes it difficult to view data cohesively and make critical business decisions. As a solution to this problem, Relational Junction integrates ServiceNow with multiple platforms to achieve an overall view of the valuable data contained within.

Relational Junction is a multifaceted solution that combines integration, replication, data warehousing and compliance to cover all of your data needs. The platform’s scalable architecture continuously evolves with organization-spanning data needs, allowing users easy access to their data and the ability to use how they see fit.

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Key Benefits Include:

  • Fully integrate business processes across HR, legal, finance, procurement, operations, marketing, and other departments.
  • Easily connect to popular enterprise service management (ESM) and enterprise applications to SaaS applications — whether in the cloud or behind your firewall.
  • Connect to ERP and finance applications, such as SAP, Netsuite, and Oracle.
  • Unify your IT systems to make ServiceNow the system of record and automate business processes across applications.
  • Integrate your data into your analytical and operational layers without heavy, repetitive lifting. No coding, data mapping, or maintenance is needed.
  • Ensure data is up to date with continuous automated data syncs for accurate reporting and analytics.
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