Since their participation in the Truthset Truthscore Index Release began in 2020, Webbula, The Data Solutions Experts, has been consistently ranked number one across multiple data segments for consecutive quarters. In Q1 of 2022, Webbula captured the number one spot for six attribute categories. Additionally, for the past three quarters, Webbula consistently indexed at or above 100 for over 20 attributes.

The Truthscore™ shows how likely a given data set is to be accurate for a particular segment, such as age, household income, and homeownership. The accuracy of that audience data is key to the performance and success of display, remarketing, mobile, and actionable TV campaigns.

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“Truth in data is at the heart of everything we do,” said Douglas Egeth, COO of Webbula. “We understand that the Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) of marketing campaigns depends on the data input at the beginning. That’s why we continually strive to provide marketers with the utmost in data accuracy and quality.”

“Our team of Data Engineers and Scientists work tirelessly to deliver our premium audience data,” said Vince Cersosimo, CEO of Webbula. “I feel very privileged and grateful to have such driven and innovative people on team Webbula. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to offer the market the level of accuracy and quality that we do.”

In Q1 2022, Webbula ranked number one for the following attributes:
Geography: DMA
Geography State
Race/Ethnicity: White

For the past three consecutive quarters, Webbula scored at or above 100 for the following attributes:
Age+Presence of Children
Geography: Division
Geography: DMA
Gender+Presence of Children
Household Income
Household Income+Presence of Children
Geography: Region
Geography: State
Car Owner
Home: Home Owner
Home: Home Renter
Language Spoken
Legal Drinking Age
Legal Drinking Age: Hispanic
Pets: Cat Owner
Pets: Dog Owner
Pets: Pet Owner
Presence of Children
Race/Ethnicity: African American
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic
Race/Ethnicity: White
Small Business Owner

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“Data providers like Webbula are key partners in evangelizing Truthset’s mission: data accuracy benefits everyone. As the data industry evolves to create new measurement standards, consistently accurate data providers will carry even more importance for the service they provide,” said Chip Russo, Truthset President, “Ensuring the accuracy and quality of data is a foundational element for advertisers looking to increase ROAS.”

You can find Webbula’s audience segments within all of Webbula’s best-in-class data management platforms and advertising data solutions partners’ marketplaces, such as Oracle and TruOptik.