Zeevo Group Assists Aircraft Lessors in Adopting Smarter Analytics to Gain Competitive Advantage

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Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics Solutions Have the Power to Deliver Meaningful, Measurable, and Sustainable Operations Improvements

Zeevo Group LLC, a business, finance and information technology consulting services firm showcased its expertise in delivering specialized, real-world knowledge about data management and convergence with modern Business Intelligence (“BI”) platforms to aviation clients on the sidelines of ISTAT Americas, the continent’s leading gathering for airlines, and aviation finance and aircraft leasing organizations.

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“Adopting smarter data analytics and mining business intelligence to improve business outcomes is among the hottest trends in technology,” explained Zeevo Principal Karen Curtis. “Today’s aircraft lessors are challenged with understanding and aligning their strategies to their BI, Big Data, and analytics objectives in order to enhance their operations and mitigate business and technology risks.”

Zeevo clients leverage the power of Business Intelligence (“BI") to deliver comprehensive cashflow and event forecasts, and exposure and half-life analysis. By harnessing the power of BI, forecasts results are automated daily for all fleet sizes; results are summarized at various levels, including monthly, annual, and end of lease. Forecast inputs and calculations are efficiently implemented to support a variety of 'what-if’ scenarios, including potential sale packages, future utilization projections, and adjustments to mean time between removal (MTBR). Forecast results are seamlessly viewed and analyzed through interactive dashboards that can be viewed on a desktop or via a mobile app.
Zeevo clients leverage the power of Business Intelligence (“BI”) to deliver comprehensive cashflow and event forecasts, and exposure and half-life analysis.

Zeevo has delivered a number of successful BI-oriented projects that enable lessors to future-proof their business intelligence environments, while empowering their commercial teams with access to the critical information and analytics in real-time, placing greater emphasis on unlocking the power of lessors’ data and streamlining their core operations.

Curtis elaborated that “the BI reporting and modeling solutions are fast becoming an integral tool for any aviation organization, including lessors, that desire to stay apace with the latest data mining and analytics methodologies in a highly competitive market.”

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Through ongoing engagements with globally recognized aircraft lessors, Zeevo has demonstrated that the right BI and analytics strategies have the power to significantly affect the efficacy of all facets of a leasing platform’s operations.

“Having critical data and meaningful reports at our fingertips from anywhere in the world is a must for our leasing executives in order to make informed decisions and execute strategic deals,” commented a senior executive of a Europe-based lessor, who collaborated with Zeevo on aggregating the lessor’s data across disparate sources and presenting it through digestible dashboards.

Zeevo also assisted the lessor’s commercial team in implementing reconciliation analytics to better align data and create one “golden source” of information. As a result, the commercial team gained access to a streamlined, one-stop shop to view and analyze the pertinent information, reducing inefficiencies in sourcing information across multiple locations and engaging in time-consuming data analysis.

Curtis added: “Our team has an extensive track record in exploring and leveraging the BI framework’s advanced capabilities to deliver sophisticated modeling solutions that enable lessors to extract data from their existing systems; add supplemental inputs to drive advanced analysis; and model the analysis to support key operational decisions, such as: event/cost and maintenance forecasting, workload planning, and contracts and procurement processing.”

Zeevo utilized BI modeling techniques to establish a weighted scoring system for contracts and procurement departments based on internal knowledge to assist department heads with workload allocations. Rather than looking at raw transaction counts, the models added a new dimension to visualize how each transaction affects a team member’s workload in terms of hours per day. With this type of tool, department heads now can better identify overtaxed or underutilized employees.

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“Workload planning for my team used to be manual and time-consuming,” explained a senior executive on a US-based lessor’s Commercial Contracts team. “Zeevo developed a fully automated workload planning model that enables us to allocate incoming work with immediate visibility of the impact on my team’s future workload and make effective resource planning decisions.”

Modeling tools can also provide ‘what-if’ scenarios to allow department heads to modify assignments and determine the impact on workload before reaching a final determination.

The applications for modeling tools don’t end there. Zeevo has also utilized modeling tools to support data reconciliation and maintenance forecasting.

“Zeevo took our operations to the next level by creating immeasurable efficiencies,” added a senior executive on an Asia-based lessor’s Technical team. “Our Technical team worked hand-in-hand with Zeevo experts to automate our manual processes, while creating the flexibility our business needed to analyze, manage, and report on our fleet, as well as support internal and external initiatives and stakeholders.”

This just scratches the surface of the untapped potential for leveraging BI for modeling. Wherever lessors find data limitations in their current systems and processes, BI modeling can support data aggregation and complex analysis – all coupled with reporting and dashboard solutions for easy consumption for the C-suite and all teams across the company.

With deep expertise in delivering BI and analytics solutions, Zeevo has become a ‘go-to’ technology partner for leading companies in the aircraft leasing sector and beyond. The Zeevo team remains committed to innovation, continually growing its vast array of technology and finance solutions that address the evolving needs of lessors, and sharing insights into what lessors can do to become more Intelligent Enterprises.

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“BI is poised to rapidly disrupt and transform the aircraft leasing sector in the same way digital transformation has changed our world,” concluded Curtis. “We look forward to continuing to develop and implement best-in-class, strategic solutions to drive lessors’ growth and transform their businesses.”

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