Datagrok and TetraScience Announce Partnership to Help Customers Deepen Understanding of Diseases by Advancing AI/ML and Data Visualization


Partnership Demonstrates Increasing Supplier Adoption of Tetra Data as a Universal Standard that Accelerates Drug Delivery

TetraScience, the R&D Data Cloud company, announced that Datagrok, a web-based data analytics platform used by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies globally, has joined the Tetra Partner Network (TPN) to enable customers to utilize TetraScience’s Tetra Data as a trusted source for data-driven advanced analytics.

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“Datagrok innovates how users visualize, explore, and model complex data,” says Alan Millar, Vice President of Business Development for TPN. “The combination of Tetra Data and Datagrok’s integrated capabilities for data access, visualization, exploration, augmentation, and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques will enable users to more quickly derive actionable insights for improved modelling, workflows, and ultimately, therapeutic development.”

While there is innovation potential in advanced analytics and visualizations, most scientific data is unusable for these purposes because it is produced in hundreds of incompatible data formats. Tetra Data can be used immediately for advanced data analytics because it engineers incompatible data forms into a universally adoptable, accessible format that is comprehensive, containing raw data, processed results, and context.

“By partnering with TetraScience, Datagrok can automatically ingest Tetra Data so that customers can analyze massive datasets with incredible speed and ease on our platform” says Andrew Skalkin, Founder and CEO of Datagrok. “Our platform is purpose built for exploratory data analysis, advanced visualizations, scientific computations, machine learning, security, governance, and collaboration. We are thrilled to partner with TetraScience and use Tetra Data to help customers accelerate drug delivery.”

“In order to unlock the potential of life science R&D labs and dramatically accelerate discovery, we must capitalize on the power of AI and data science. A precondition to enabling these capabilities is moving the industry away from a legacy data model of silos and point-to-point integrations, to a native and unified cloud-based data paradigm,” explains Patrick Grady, Chief Executive Officer, TetraScience. “By joining the Tetra Partner Network, Datagrok helps enable the life sciences industry to accelerate discoveries that can help improve lives.”

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